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For that reason the brilliant BUDDHA said: We do not see the things AS THEY ARE we see, them AS WE ARE. *YOU WANT TO SEE MORE BETTER AND? IT TRANSFORMS YOUR BEING AND SIDES DISTINTO* Elizabeth Polack It does not seem to you that it is more advisable than YOU ARE CONSTRUCTED a WORLD VISION that SUPPORTS to you AND IT GRANTS RESOURCES AND TOOLS to YOU? STEP 2: RECOGNIZING TERRITORY The tnica of the list: I promise to you that this is funny! 1. You do a list of 10 to 20 characteristics of your personality that you like of you, for example: sense of humor, determination, love by the family, desire to serve. 2. It selects 4 or 5 favorite characteristics of your personality 3. Refirindote to these 4 or 5 characteristics of your personality, you do a list of 10 to 20 forms to express these characteristics that you enjoy: for example: to write, to talk, to go with my friendly of excursion. 4. Of the previous list, it chooses 4 or 5 favorites 5.

A declaration or story writes of YOUR VISION OF the IDEAL WORLD. This vision writes in present time and in terms of how you want that it is. 6. Pon all this together one in a complete oration in the following format: The intention of my life is to use my (inserted here your favorite characteristics of personality) in (inserted your FAVORITE FORMS TO EXPRESS your characteristics of personality here) in order that (it inserts your ideal world vision here). STEP 3: TO DIFFERENTIATE AND TO DEFINE: CAPACITIES AND TALENTS Your talents have to do with your capacities, and something very important is your RECOGNITION OF YOUR CAPACITIES, for that is the previous exercise. The RECOGNITION of same you, lives in the INTERNAL CONVERSATION with which you explain yourself same and to the world.

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