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Passengers in residential buildings they want to reach the desired floor of the minimum time at the highest possible level of comfort and security. Residents of the building want to use a simple elevator control with an attractive design. Equipment should work quietly, especially at night. Architects who design buildings, you need to optimize available space and link the installation of elevators with interior design. The owners of the building also has its own requirements: they relate to general operating expenses, the possibility of maintenance and energy consumption in the building.

kone elevator KONELifty designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Solutions for modern residential buildings based on the platform kone MonoSpace and kone MiniSpace . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Howard Schultz. The choice depends mainly on the size of the building and the volume passenger traffic. Jonas Samuelson: the source for more info. Both solutions are among the most environmentally friendly in the industry and include the concept of kone, aimed at re-use or recycling of all products and components that can be reused or recycled. With a variety of cabin design and the possibility of designing custom-made, both platforms offer the perfect look and perfect combination of lift with the various types of buildings. Products based on these platforms meet the requirements of EN81-70, the new European standard that is associated with an increase in the possibilities of using elevators for passengers with disabilities.

kone also offers a lift solution that was designed specifically for the renovation of existing buildings. The solution is based on the platform. The choice depends on whether there is sufficient space existing stairwell for the installation of the elevator shaft inside her, or there is the need to install the elevator outside the building. If there is sufficient space in the stairwell, compact solution kone elevators makes it easy to mount them in the design existing building. Elevator shaft is located outside the building. It takes up little space and requires no machine room. This eliminates the need to install unsightly engine rooms on the upper or lower floors building and enhances the aesthetic aspect of the building. Kone company develops solutions for shopping centers. kone elevator solutions for shopping centers is most often based on a platform that is ideal for travel passengers in the buildings of low and medium height. Freight elevators kone MonoSpace designed to transport goods and materials to all parts of the building. These elevators serving passengers in places such as supermarkets, department stores, passenger terminals, hospitals and wholesalers. Company llc RyazanLiftImport "for a long time working on the market lift industry in the supply, installation of elevators, installation and replacement of elevators, modernization, maintenance of lifts, elevators and escalators . The main purpose of our organization is to achieve customer needs in the supply of equipment. Lifts of all types – hydraulic, electric, with a machine room and without, panoramic cabin with high-design study, an infinite variety of special finishing materials from the mirror, textured stainless steel finish and ending poprodami valuable wood, silver and gold. Special options that are installed on request from the spotlights, handrails, mirrors inside the cabin, lcd displays, up to unique post call cabin – all this creates a trendy, stylish, unique interior.

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