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As Dropshipping (or third-party business and direct mail) is called in the form of logistics costs, which must allow the retailer, not a commodity to be stored. Does the dealer a commission, applies this to his supplier and then order the required goods, usually by fax or e-mail. The supplier does not now provide to the reseller, but directly to the retail customer, who ordered the goods by the dealer has. The end user is in this process has only been in contact with the retailers, there is no direct contact between suppliers and consumers. This corresponds to the frequently expressed wish of the customers who have a particular product so much as a contact. The wholesaler usually shipped the goods without coming here, even in appearance, either through its own logo, delivery note or invoice. The retailer keeps as profit the difference between the wholesale and the retail price. Dropshipping offers entrepreneurs the opportunity, without equity and without storagebuild a mail order business. Letztendlichprofitieren all three parties from the principle of dropshipping. The wholesalers can concentrate entirely on the quality of their products because their marketing is widely accepted by the retailers. The participating retailers cut costs for the storage and delivery of products. You can completely on the actual sale and promotion of the products focus on schedule without any additional costs for insurance, inventory, or need to staff. Thus, even small companies have the opportunity to enter with little seed money in the mail order business and product sales. The consumer benefits because of lower production costs and a lower price for the goods. Through the Internet platforms such as eBay Dropshipping also in Germany is becoming increasingly popular, there are more and more companies set up Dropship.

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