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To put our mission must be clear about the following, in what business are we really?, Do we actually spend? What are our products and services? Our mission should be as short as possible as possible in which we translate what? and How?. The mission must be learned and memorized by both leaders and collaborators, we must live every day with order to fulfill our reason for being. As individuals we must also look a personal mission, which is our reason for being, and feel to meet what we set ourselves. VISION is an organization want to be, is the clear statement that indicates where it is headed the company in the medium to long term, here the question to be answered is where do I want to be in the coming years?. The vision must be comprehensive, detailed and understandable, also, positive and encouraging, how long we will.

Vision is not just an idea that occurs to us, must answer the question “What we want to be and when you make it? The vision must be shared by both leaders as partners, when people in an organization can share a vision that are connected to achieve something important that will lead to transcend. A leader with a shared vision, is a visionary leader who solves problems for its partners. The vision must be composed of a target specific to achieve in the medium to long term. In the vision desires become clear objectives and commitments and located in time. The vision promotes enthusiasm and commitment of all the parts of the organization, encourages that from the leader until the last collaborator who has joined the organization, carry out actions according to what is stated in the vision. Once the vision has been created and integrated into the daily activities of the company, see the strategic purpose. This refers to seek more specific aspects of vision materializing. In a paragraph defining the vision of the company and give it coherence.

The vision must be concrete and successful. In these changing times, vision and should not only be sustained in the economy, production and management. It should also include culture and identity as new lines of business activities. The view as the mission must be learned and memorized by the leader and his collaborators make, part of his life, likewise each person should have his own personal vision. . Details can be found by clicking Innovar Environmental or emailing the administrator.

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