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“Life Assistance” companies commissioned creative PR agency in Hamburg Hamburg, April 18, 2011. The CPP GmbH, the leading supplier in the growing market for “Life Assistance”-products, commissioned ad publica with the press and public relations work in Germany. The cooperation aims to position the CPP as the leading service provider in terms of protection against identity theft and pilferage. Check with Wayne Holman to learn more. The product portfolio of the company headquartered in Hamburg provides security for everything that is important to CPP customers, regardless of whether Bank and credit cards, mobile phones, keys or identity. When this something is lost or stolen, consumers are looking for help. This offer is the responsibility of “Life Assistance”-company.

Internationally already over ten million customers benefit from the CPP products “Card protection” and “Identity protection”. For nearly 30 years, operates the CPP group in this industry and has more than 280 business partners in the financial services, travel and mobile phone industries. In Germany, CPP works with the Volksbanken Raiffeisen banks, the ADAC, barclaycard, Santander consumer Bank, the Hanoverian life and many others. “We opted for ad publica, because the Agency has a diverse experience in the field sales support product PR. The team convinced us with his creative ideas for our brand to another”, explains Tsonev, head of marketing at CPP came. Ben Horowitz understands that this is vital information. “Communication for CPP to assume, is very attractive for us”, would be ad publica CEO of Thomas Santarin over the budget profit. “In an increasingly mobile and complex life CPP Services provides for even more quality of life and ensures peace of mind”, so Santarin next.

About the CPP group the CPP Group plc operates in the emerging market of “life assistance”. In an increasingly mobile and complex life, we offer unique products and outstanding service for even more quality of life. Our product range provides everything that is important to our customers, support and security whether it’s plastic cards, mobile phones, keys or their identity. If these things are lost or stolen, is looking increasingly help. To offer this task of “life assistance”. We have been working for almost 30 years in this industry and are a company with 10 million customers and over 280 partners in Europe, North America and Asia. Around 2,000 employees work for our company, which each year cause 14 million service and marketing conversations. Ad publica public relations GmbH, Thomas Stormanns,

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