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Posted by Ralf on September 2nd, 2015 — Posted in News

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Here are the rules to combat the negative, which I use myself: 1. My best remedy against the influence of negative is my system. In recent months, Caterpillar has been very successful. To be consistent in their trading means conscientiously follow its rules. Being a consistent trader, I place their orders every day at the same time.

4. Due to the sequence of negative effect disappears. I follow the planned facilities, such as entry, exit and adjusting positions.

I plan my trades and trades on its plans to facilitate consistency. Fear and greed are the enemies of Continuous Trading. My commitment to the sequence of blocks them. Should keep their goals realistic to fight fear and greed. Retention of concentration is important in any business the ability to concentrate. This is especially true for trade, since your concentration is reflected in the form of daily excerpts from the trading account. Here are a few things, I believe, will help you maintain your concentration as a key factor for success: Concentration is the opposite of distraction. I prefer to stick to a winning track, focusing on markets for their trading time. Since the external environment can cause a distraction, remove all sources of noise, visual or other distractions from the workplace. Self-discipline and consistency are the key to success in trading. Well-organized workplace can protect you from distractions. Concentrate on only one aspect trade at a time. The purpose of the success of success should be a ‘central line’ of your trading business.

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