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Sanding varnish. Performed using surface grinding machines, which set a special sanding mesh. Grinding is performed before applying last coat of varnish, and if exceeded in a pause between coats of varnish or apply different in composition varnishes. Sanding prepares the surface of the flooring to spray paint, removes unnecessary roughness. 17. Application of oils, waxes. Oil or wax is usually applied special stainless spatula with material consumption 30-50 g / sq.

m, and after soaking (about 10-15 minutes) are polished. Usually applied 2-3 coats of oil or wax on the layer in day, each layer of polish. Oil or wax you without too much difficulty on their own cause. 18. Polishing oils, waxes. Polishing is surface grinding machine, which set a special nozzle polishing. 19. Polish on the plinth.

On the plinth varnish applied by brush in two layers. It is advisable to apply varnish to install skirting, so as not to stain the wall. Polish on the plinth does not usually cause complications. Necessary to give varnish dry thoroughly before installing the baseboards. 20. Device baseboards. Whips skirting slaughtered at an angle of 45 . When installing the skirting is fixed to the wall on a nail and a wooden stopper or a screw and a plastic plug. Low baseboards can be fastened directly to the parquet floor of the nail. 21. Device nut. Plug nut laying the installation of parquet, then sanded and varnished with parquet. Profile threshold is set on top of lacquered parquet flooring, laminate flooring. 22. Transportation, loading and unloading operations. This item in the list means the delivery and unloading of materials and delivery of the missing materials (if needed) removal of remaining material, delivery and removal of equipment for parquet works.

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