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Quite often selling at a stage in its technology, the authors not only receive cash for the technology, but further service contracts and to bring to mind its technology that brings additional benefits. Must take into account that the patenting costs money, that support patent, defending it in court, too, costs money, and the price of obtaining a patent in Russia is about 15,000 rubles, and in the U.S. and Europe, the same amount in dollars only. Obtaining a patent in Russia does not protect the technology from being used U.S. and other developed countries. In other developed countries, patents have long been put to a market economy, patent attorneys, who offer a full range of services on the patent, by the way, if you're really decided to obtain a patent for his idea and the idea is really expensive, then here without a patent attorney can not do, otherwise you may lose its technology because of non-literate action. What is patent? Obtain a patent for invention, patent for utility model or design patent, you should carefully consider ways to protect its technology to competitors has been much harder to circumvent your patent formulas, such as a patent for a needle Singer does not describe itself a needle, namely, that something like that product, which has several characteristics and these characteristics are difficult to circumvent.

The so-called umbrella patent, which covers all possible direction, and the image forms, and procedures, and technology and the result is that you can easily touch and prove when you play or something like competitors for this product. Legal protection of intellectual property consists of a clear gradation of objects of protection, after selecting the object of protection is chosen defense strategy, here as in war, and investigation of an attack, all the same business is business, or anything personal. Many nuances and there when using a registered patent – that the right of prior use and right after use, which proved not so difficult, but a free hand to competitors, come prove how much they produce products based on this law. In general intellectual property is quite complicated things, with a deficiency of our laws even more complicated when we finally begin to start to assert copyright law, then we reach and to patents.

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