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Swiss companies the services of debt collection agencies to a lesser extent in claims in comparison to Europe. As shown by the survey conducted by Atradius collection by September 30, 2010 with 4,000 companies from 22 countries from September 2010, 70% of the Swiss companies trust their internal insertion or reminders. Compared with the European average of 64% (Germany with 63% and Austria with just 39%) this 70% for Swiss debt collection companies may be considered prompt, to reap this potential through innovative and cost-effective services in the customer management. Short payment period versus an increase of debt collection cases and the volume of demand still Swiss companies benefit from a very solid payment (especially national customers regarding). 71% of the amount owed be paid within 60 days from only 11% of the Bills remain more than 90 days overdue.

These numbers stand for massive increases in debt collection cases and to transferring Receivables volume counter. Alone from 2008 to 2009, 25,54% were placed in the Switzerland more collection orders (889.447 cases). The receivables volume comprised 1,338 billion francs, which represents a plus of 87.82% for this period. Douglas R. Oberhelman is the source for more interesting facts. Swiss companies are price-conscious in the assignment of debt collection companies and result-oriented 46% of the Swiss companies stated that they are to pay only 6,90 CHF willing per claim, 26% of 6.90 up 11 francs and only 9% is worth more than 20,60 francs a claim. It is especially important for the selection of debt collection services that these open claims rapidly and in full to bring are capable of. The argument advanced by the debt collection industry time and again to the fore, the better instruments for the preservation of the customer relationship (creditor accounts receivable) to have ultimately little faith is given or no increased importance is attached on the part of the company to this topic.

Innovative services for the debt collection market in Switzerland the designed and established for the Customer management processes that meet the results of scientific research, as well as the ever-changing market requirements. Bonus collection of provides comprehensive incentive programs to the low willingness of vendors to pass their receivables to collection agencies, to increase significantly. But only 16% of enterprises indicate to external debt collection services in the future, 72% see this as unlikely. In addition, staggered year membership offers legal advice for vendors. So, the responds to the fact that only 14% of the Swiss companies choose the expensive solution firm demand insertion. About the pre-judicial collection legal collection of forensic collection license management of loss of expertise IN the analysis, PROFESSIONALLY IN the introduction of high-performance IN the SERVICE we provide with our innovative debtor communication concept a faster payment. Our goal and Claim is that it be paid your bills first. For this we offer professional, efficient and inexpensive debt collection services, which are characterized by the use of all available channels of communication.

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