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Color exhaust can tell whether a malfunction of your car engine. We will tell you about the types of emissions. Usually, when we use our vehicle, we rarely pay attention to the type of smoke out of it, because We are concerned that an entirely different purpose. However, periodically check smoke from the exhaust tells us how our engine, or, if you thought that the engine behaves correctly, then the smoke can give you an idea what the problem is. Car companies are fighting for the reduction of emissions of harmful gases, Russian AvtoVAZ also among these companies. But electric cars, for example, Citroen C-Zero, generally devoid of such emissions, although them apart from a rather large value has its problems. Now you will get brief information about the color and type of emissions from the tailpipe.

Black smoke. If you use gasoline engine black smoke indicates that the air-fuel mixture is not adjusted, which is reflected in the high fuel consumption. When using injection engines can be many reasons, one of which may be the one that the computer you are using, working properly and the sensors are not used (eg, oxygen, etc.) or any other reason is that the main regulator of fuel injection does not work. Whatever the reason, every reason to believe that the problem is excess fuel. White smoke.

On a cold day, most likely, white smoke from the muffler will disappear after a short time after the engine warms up. What seems to be smoke – is water vapor, which is created as a result of condensation of hot exhaust produced from water that accumulates in the muffler or catalytic converter. On the other hand, water can seep into the combustion chamber and as a result of the evaporation occurs white smoke. Gray smoke is caused by lack of fuel, compared with black, which is caused by excess fuel. The engine is out of fuel and air, the air-fuel mixture is unbalanced. Blue smoke. Perhaps because of all this smoke most important, or rather the most important thing is blue smoke, as it suggests that the engine is burning oil. The reason that oil enters the combustion chamber is that the piston rings are missing or poorly adjusted exhaust valve – opens at the wrong time, and oil enters and burns in the combustion chamber. The engine, which burns a lot of oil (more liters per 800 km) is damaged and needs repair. For comparison, in the engine good is consumed less than one liter of oil every 2400 km, and the new engines consumed about half a liter to 3,000 kilometers or more. If you notice that your car has any kind of smoke, hence your motor mechanic must inspect. Remember, if your car is in good condition, this guarantees the reliability and prolongs life.

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