Christmas Suvenirki Print

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New Year’s holidays, most businesses it is necessary to manufacture different souvenir printed materials (postcards, calendars, greeting letter). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Yves Bissouma. Paying a layout for printing printing, be prepared to answer several questions: What do you plan to print circulation? Will depend on this way of printing (offset or digital printing), and hence the cost of printing. Offset printing is cheaper and qualitative method for manufacturing printed products, but is only used to print large runs (1000 copies). With the help of digital printing can be made smaller circulations, since digital print practically requires no preparatory works. What quality of paper used for the manufacture of circulation? Paper varies in density, in addition, it is coated and uncoated.

Should be separately specify if you want to use synthetic or designer paper (normally used for making various cards). In how many colors will print your layout? “This is an important parameter for offset printing, because it affects the number of production cycles and, hence, the cost of printing. Any color on the print can be achieved by mixing the four basic colors – blue, pink, yellow and black, so the usual color image is printed in four colors. If, however, is expected to print in one color, it significantly reduce the cost of the final product. What is post-press finishing products you want? To post-finishing is folding, creasing, stitching, gluing, laminating, folgorivanie, uv varnish coating, stamping and all kinds of manual work. The most popular types of post-press finishing for New Year souvenir printing – foil and cut out. By using different kinds of designer paper poslepechetnye these processes allow the creation of works of art. So in the end to add that you should not save too on souvenir polygraphy, degrading the quality of the product itself, as a calendar or postcard, printed on paper of poor quality, will have no chance to linger on the table for the recipient at least some long- time. Ordering printing printing, keep in mind that print circulations from 1000 copies can not only significantly reduce the cost of one product, but also make it a product of better quality.

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