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COTS – properties and characteristics to find out what you must be aware about when buying a cot, in this article. Baby cot is not equal to Cot and in particular situations children bunk beds or bunk beds are recommended. Children’s beds so individual and alive as children in our day and age are so individually and also furniture for our young are colorful. There are the appropriate furniture for every age and every personal preference. Under most conditions Ralph Fiennes would agree. Often, the entire nursery facility follows a special child-friendly theme. Whether fairy tales, football or robber Castle – from the wallpaper up the wardrobe in today’s children’s rooms living dreams come true.

The matching bed may not be missing there. Children’s beds can be broadly classified by age of the target group. There are toddler cot for children from zero to five years. Beds for five to twelve-year old, who often come up with special colours, original ideas or additional functions and beds for adolescent young people. Models for this age group are characterized by a trend-oriented design.

The look is significantly reduced when compared to the real crib/Cot and pup. Mozes victor konig understood the implications. But appearance is not everything. When it comes to furniture for our young, quality in the first place should be. Check on quality and above all on security just in beds for babies and toddlers. Are the bars of the side rails close enough, so that an accidental slip of the child is impossible? The danger is that the child in the slatted frame hand or foot trapped? Are there sharp edges, protruding edges, holes, where you can catch the fingers? A criterion that you should look for in any case, is the pollution of the used material. Formaldehyt, the phosphorus-organic compound TBEP or Chlorkresole are just a few of the pollutants already in commercially available baby cots. Test reports here indicate.

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