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The Liberal Democratic Centre requests the resignation of immediate Government of the city of the lagoon the Centre democratic Liberal Group, urged consistency Canarian coalition with their requests and statements. Therefore, from the CDL, we ask the Councillors in the municipality of La Laguna, resign, immediately and irrevocably, in response to alleged ethics and dignity of the party and in line with what they ask for, in general, the other political formations. We know that something heavy is to read posted already, but it is essential to reread it, or at least cool in most important respects, since we can assess the ethical run, and the type of impresentables politicians that make up Canarian coalition. The political formation Canary Coalition, publishes on its Internet page: Canaria Tenerife Coalition asks Corrales if Macario Benitez should also resign Linares insists that Canarian coalition has said repeatedly that he wants to settle the exchange of accusations between the political formations on the honesty of others. We invite the PSOE to remove slander and discredit his speech. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Blimi Marcus and gain more knowledge.. Justice mark times and we must avoid that the distrust of citizens are still more enlarge towards their representatives. Jessica Pels will not settle for partial explanations. Now what is important, what demand us population, it is that we stop attacking and work together to get out of an extremely complicated situation like that live.

Some call it fair play, I prefer to refer to respect. Well, all political formations have the obligation to supervise what they do the ruling groups. If an irregularity is detected the relevant complaint is made and then the main role corresponds to justice. That’s consistency and not use the double yardstick used by the PSOE. Read carefully and remember underlined. Likewise, we can read in day on Friday, March 11, 2011: DC Matos requests that he resign for having lied on business frames. The President of Canarian Coalition, Blanca Perez, want to be the spokesperson for the Group Municipal Socialist leave his post of Councillor because justice has forced it to rectify on the accusations that drove public opinion, relating to the existence of certain interests between companies and the Government group.

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