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First and foremost it is worth noting that open forums are free and fee. The first option is to register free services, which the Internet has a certain amount, and if desired they can be easily found. For those who first starts a blog, and for those who want to understand if they need it or not, a free hosting service can be employed. Paid hosting – for people who have seriously decided to do my blog who do not want to share it without consent of the author ads located entirely different orientation, so that the slightest disobedience to the established pattern, the resource is closed. Free hosting is good because it's free and paid – by the fact that it opens to the owner blog more space, more room for placement of materials, and therefore more freedom. With skillful approach to promotion of your blog, paid hosting pay for itself fairly quickly. Conclusion: The free services are suitable to open a blog whose purpose is only to communicate and placement positions. Blog registered on a separate paid hosting is designed to achieve a more serious purpose: making a profit, promotion of name, as well as the possibility of publishing a free nature.

3. Register as a free or on a paid service where you can open your blog – just. It is no harder than downloading and install any software. 4. After successful registration you should place your first post. It can tell us about yourself, about the kind of its activities and, of course, to devote his readers to the topic blog. It is worth read the information on how to make your blog interesting and make it popular.

5. So, becoming the proud owner of a blog, do not relax. The popularity of online diary depends on the regularity of the house the new positions, as well as their uniqueness, relevance and excitement. If the resource after some time has gained popularity, he's regular readers, you might want to think about advertising (at provided that the paid hosting). A blog can become an outlet (communication on the blog replaces many trips to the psychologist), a means of communication between friends and strangers, a platform where users can share useful information. Blogging – it's interesting and fun!

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