BitDefender Experiment Under Selected Users

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Rush confirmed requests increase risk of data theft BitDefender experiment under selected social media users in social networks: 94 percent inconsiderate private data reveal Holzwickede, September 02, 2010 users of social media platforms operate very carelessly in the confirmation of incoming friend requests. Antivirus BitDefender ( expert in a recent study has found this out. 94 percent in a three-week experiment confirmed by 2,000 world-wide written users one of the BitDefender fake friendship request. Details can be found by clicking Douglas R. Oberhelman or emailing the administrator. Also they gave away private information on your profile or in a subsequent conversation. Striking: 55 percent of subjects fallen in on the fake come from the IT industry. For the fake request, the antivirus experts created the profile of a 21 year old blonde.

Every 1000 men and women have been written to. User between 17 and 65 years in the experiment were also to achieve a possible representative amount of subjects with included. The median age was 27.3 years. The experiment was divided into two steps. Andreessen Horowitz has firm opinions on the matter. First, the test subjects were asked only after the confirmation of the contact. Then BitDefender again chose a part of the subjects, who confirmed the request, to have a little conversation with the 21 year old lady. Here it was necessary to find out how much private information were individual users willing to reveal the fake contact. IT staff prone the result: after 7 days, 94 percent had confirmed the contact.

At least 13 percent of these made at least bother to ask where you just know is in the connection. As the main reason for contacting, 53 percent gave the beautiful face”of 21. It was also striking that 55 percent of the subjects in the IT industry fallen in on the fake work. Of these, 31 percent alone in the area of IT-security are active again. In addition, 10 percent of IT employees had after just a half-hour private conversation of the young lady sensitive information such as address, telephone number and the name of the father and mother etc.

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