Bardusch: 141 Years Of Tradition And Progress

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Investing in the future: locations and technology the use and implementation of new technologies are important instruments. Bardusch here is ideas and innovation drivers at the same time. The requirements in the industry are particularly high. Here waiting Bardusch with many special offers. Companies can obtain include warning clothing, permanent flame retardant welders protective clothing, protective clothing against cold, heat or dangerous chemical substances. A technical highlight is the highly sensitive clean room technology.

May no particles in a clean room, they are still so small, interfere with the functional ability of sensitive objects. Special clothing preventing from high-density material particles and germs from the human body in the air and to the products. The cleaning of clean room clothes, is the Supreme discipline of textile care that really dominate only a few specialists. This includes Bardusch. Used clean room textiles are picked up with the company’s own fleet of vehicles, and introduced in a separate area. There is a careful examination. Further steps are several disinfection washes in special machines with pass-through function in the actual cleanroom. Here several techniques for disinfection and decontamination to the usage.

The environment is as little as possible be charged through the very elaborate water and air treatment. The parameters for the room and water conditions are constantly monitored through Onlinemonitoring. The clean room textiles are packed in special PE-bags or auto piano bags, sterilized, and transported to the customer. Bardusch clean room packaging ensures that even when transporting either particles or germs on clothes get. Bardusch offers the clean room services hospitals as well as industries. The highly individualized concept of residents-laundry management for senior citizens and nursing homes faced with this highly standardized concept. Personal laundry service for residents Bardusch offers a special innovation in this area: the residents leave the care their entire Laundry company. A sophisticated marking procedure ensures a timely return. Bardusch contributes with this very special concept not only to relieve the institutions, but also to preserve the individuality of older people. The sophisticated technology helps little if it does not arrive at the customer. Bardusch has created a complete circuit for his rents. All processes are organised so that even the smallest washed sock again returns to the employee at his workplace. Ensures a form of bar code system and computer monitoring. To the concept, very close to the customer”is traditionally also the presence on the ground. Bardusch arose from the branch network. The inhabitants could provide their laundry to the washing and cleaning in the originally more than 100 stores in the District of Ettlingen. Today, 16 production sites in Germany provide for short distances and best service. No matter whether bakery or large kitchen, kiosk, or hospital. Bardusch therefore strongly invested in its branches. The investment amounted to 3.5 million 2010/2011, the year 2012 there will be four million. Particularly noteworthy are the completion of Soltau and Augsburg. The location of Heilbronn was completely refurbished, Erfurt is in planning. As a regionally rooted family business, the headquarters in Ettlingen plays a special role. Almost 700 employees work there, Ettlingen is the largest company and one of the most modern textile care in Europe within the company.

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