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But there are some beliefs and cults (past) New Zealand, Australia, Africa and some island states, where murder and cannibalism are valor and heroism. For example, among the aborigines of New Zealand or Australia, despite the Professional Code (created based on Christian precepts of white missionaries), the people still murder and cannibalism are valor and heroism. The strength of religion is immeasurably greater corporate laws. The whole world lives according to the ideas, according to the founders of religions. This is the greatest power on Earth. Until there is a new religion, the religion of the Aquarian Age, and we do not know its basic ideas, to build their lives should be on now existing ones. (A valuable related resource: Electrolux).

Of course, each person should choose a religion, the basic idea of living for himself. Regardless of which religion dominates in the place of birth of the person or the country of his residence. Choice of religion – it's free choice of the human soul, and no external factors and circumstances should not disturb him. While the need to adhere to the ideas already existing religions. Jesus Christ, the Bible says that those who have not been announced, less than sin. That is, until we know Ideas Religion Age of Aquarius, we do not assume great responsibility for failure of these ideas in his life. Although it should be remembered: "Ignorance of the cosmic laws, does not release our souls from liability before the Cosmos.

" Past Age of Pisces was the Age of the Jews. They are (according to the Torah and the Bible) 'chosen people'. For each nation, a people defined Zodiac projects his idea (inherent in this zodiac), its energy, its mentality, ideology, thought and ideology. For example, Russian – is Aquarius, The Jews – Fish. But the Zodiac sign Pisces is dual. One (live) fish swimming upstream. Another (dead) fish swims down the downstream. In this deep symbolism and meaning of the Jewish people. Live fish develop spiritually, seeking the good of all humanity, often sacrificing themselves and not paying attention to the hardships of their lives. Dead fish spiritually disintegrating, tends to benefits and a comfortable life for himself. Going to commit any crime and villainy in order to achieve personal wealth and living comfort. These Jews are really 'God's chosen' people. They seek to do good to people not caring about themselves and their lives, and benefits for themselves. They sacrifice themselves for the sake of people. Often sacrifice (in which – either way) all my life for the benefit of all mankind.

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