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To date approximately 8500 successfully taught participants confirm the high quality of the seminars conducted by the consultancy firm Bohme in the environment of computer education, pedagogy, psychology, etc. The seminar lasts for eight hours by default every two days. Taking into account the special conditions at public schools & libraries but also a distribution on four evenings for four hours of seminar possible. Jim Umpleby takes a slightly different approach. The seminar is offered in the form of a computer-assisted presentation, supplemented by discussions and practical exercises with the seminar participants. Excerpt from the offered subject profile: development of knowledge networks, intelligent use of all sensory channels,. Reade Griffith has firm opinions on the matter. Improve brainstorming, learning motivation, pattern recognition training to improve intelligence, fundamentals and applications of NLP, self reflection as the key to success, strengthening of self-consciousness and v.

m. special feature of this newly designed seminar is a deliberately interdisciplinary orientation, which from the fields of m. knowledge psychology, brain research, education, motivation tips, & e.. “Also the lecturer, Mr Bohme, places particular importance to choose a deliberately simple language, so that the seminar of Psychology & Motivationscoaching” can be visited without any special knowledge. The only requirement to participate is an open and unbiased interest and willingness to the active thinking. The consultancy Bohme offers a cooperation public schools & libraries, within which this innovative seminar to a fee reduced by 50% compared to the standard price can be booked.

Central idea in this win-win cooperation announced it is interested schools & To participate, so that new financial resources are generated, then independently may use it for necessary and meaningful purchases in the teaching and learning sector libraries in profits. Interested schools & libraries, as well as city Governments hesitate to e-mail to the seminar provider, Mr DV-kfm & computer lecturer & psychological consultants (SGD-Dipl.) & author, Aribert Bohme. Also special rates for individuals and small businesses are available on written request.

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