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The Casa Nova 3020 company has recently completed one of the first promotions of houses with wooden structure that has been carried out in the Basque country. Located in the town alavesa of Amurrio, this is two semi-detached houses erected under a new way of understanding the construction beyond the building in series and large scale that has prevailed for years. When referring to House of wood, we immediately imagine cabins in a forest or on the mountain, probably result of models that reach us through film and television, or in the worst cases pre-fabricated units that make us associate the concept with very simple, mobile and even transportable buildings with tables rustic viewhow the House of the pioneers of the West. The homes of Casa Nova 3020 break with all these preconceived ideas and bring a clear added value of integration and sustainability with the environment. Casa Nova 3020 is a pioneer in this type of construction, especially in the area of the Basque country. Its activity follows the trail of other European countries where practitioners and users have opted mostly for construction with wooden structure, framed in a more integrated with nature lifestyle. Despite the awareness and palpable concern for sustainability in our environment, there is much ignorance about this type of buildings and companies such as Casa Nova 3020 work especially rebutting stereotypes, mostly wrong. In this project the firm has been capturing the advantages and differentiating elements of this form of build. Healthy and sostenibleLa construction with wood structure, quick and without water intake, has shown that it can withstand the test of time and use is the preferred option of many European countries, as well as Canada and the United States. Wood is a renewable raw material and as a main element of the structure is a natural regulator of moisture and temperature, thereby creating atmospheres very balanced higrometricamente, more comfortable and without condensation which adversely affect the health of the occupants.

USB Printing

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Also called screen print, screenprinting, is without doubt the most versatile of all promotional items printing processes.It can be used to print on virtually any material, including paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, metals and textiles.Some common promotional items that are stamped with silkscreen include pens, USB sticks, cups, keychains, pencils, t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, watches, cases, bags and all kinds of textile products.The advantage of the impression by serigraphy, over other methods of printing and marking of promotional items, is that the press can print on materials of any shape, thickness and size, although used mainly for printing on objects that have a surface flat or relatively flat. A noteworthy aspect of the screen printing, is that materials of promotional items, you can apply them thicker inks of what is possible in other printing systems.This feature, allows some very interesting effects that cannot be achieved with other methods of marking. Screen printing is not only a method of printing fast and economical, also provides high levels of color and light fastness. Any other marking process allows the creation of so many color in virtually any material effects. All this is possible, because a variety of paintings of different compositions that can be applied on almost any kind of support and thickness can be used. Due to the simple application process, there is a wide availability of inks and dyes, superior to the other stamping process. The silkscreen printing process consists of three elements: the display that carries the image, squeegee, and ink.

The process consists in transferring an ink through a mesh or screen stretched on a frame, the passage of the ink is blocked in the areas where there will be no image using an emulsion or varnish, leaving free the area where the ink will. The printing system is repetitive, that is, that once the first model has been achieved, the impression can be repeated hundreds of times without losing definition. Preparation of the display: to transfer the image to the screen, have to perform a series of steps: the client has to provide the logo, graphics or text that you want to be printed on the promotional item, in one of the digital graphics formats commonly used to be able to be vector. Using a printer, it has make the photolith, printing the image on a film or transparent support. Through the application of a photosensitive emulsion exposed to ultraviolet light, the image of the film will be transferred to the screen fabric. Finally washing the screen thoroughly, dissolving the areas of emulsion that were not exposed to the light, leaving a template in negative image on the mesh of the screen, being now ready to be applied on the promotional item to print. For each color used in a printout of an article promotional needs a different screen. Each screen can be reused for tens of thousands of copies.

To apply the screens on the promotional item to print, there are three types of printing presses: flat bed, cylinder and Rotary. Flat bed is the most commonly used. Silkscreen prints can be detected because each color has some prominence, and in the outlines of images path, such as texts, if we increase them, appear with a shape that recalls to the teeth of a saw. Another advantage of marking by silkscreen printing in promotional items, is that with the new automatic presses, large quantities of products can occur very quickly.

The Mayor

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They were greeted in the capital by Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon and the President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre. These triumphs are not the result of chance, the Mayor of Madrid has assured. Additional information is available at Marnin Michaels. Two players of the staff signed the manifest of the outraged Sun. Rayo Vallecano has been received Tuesday by the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, and the Chairperson in functions of the community, Esperanza Aguirre, after promotion to the first Division and the third consecutive triumph for the women’s team in the Superliga Femenina. Rayo Vallecano, Raul Martin Presa, owner declared before Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon was very proud by hosting offered after the ascent in a very difficult season. According to the President, to achieve both the ascent and the title in the women’s Superliga had been key the desire to overcome the adversities as the mentality of self-improvement. The Madrid Mayor congratulated the members of the two teams and whole body technician, ensuring that these triumphs were not the result of chance and placing both teams to return in the future to continue celebrating successes.

You are an example. Ye have succeeded because you’ve given best of you all by the team. These triumphs are not the result of chance, said Ruiz-Gallardon. After the reception at the Town Hall, the first team of Rayo Vallecano and female template went to the headquarters of Government of the community of Madrid, where they were greeted by the President in Office, Esperanza Aguirre, who congratulated both sets on his successes this season. It is the first time in history that this region has four teams in the first Division. This rise has a great merit, as well as the third consecutive Superliga for the women’s team, said Esperanza Aguirre coach of the first team of Rayo Vallecano, Jose Ramon Sandoval thanked all the employees of the club for his fortitude in adversity and asked institutional aid.

Integrated System

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Modelo of Management of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil the system of management of the company based on cycle PDCA, represented in Figure 5, objective to identify and to take care of to the necessities and expectations of its customers, shareholders, employees, community, suppliers and other interested people in the performance of the company, as well as, to reach, to keep and to improve its global performance through the processes lined up to the corporative objectives. Figure 5 – Model of Management of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil Source: Manual of the Integrated System of the Quality the principles of its management have as base the following aspects: Focus in the customer; Active participation of the high direction; Envolvement of the people; Boarding for processes; Sistmica boarding for the management; Continuous improvement of the processes; Factual boarding for decision taking; Mutual benefits in the relation with suppliers; Focus in the results; Efficient and efficient use of the resources. Ian Sinclair is full of insight into the issues. In view of these principles, annually, the President it determines the lines of direction for implementation of the Integrated Politics of Management, resulting in objectives and goals, that, approved for the Direction, are unfolded in all the company through the MBO – Management By Objectives and, systematically, folloied in the Meetings of Results and Meetings of Critical Analysis of the Direction. The MBO is elaborated in order to control the course of the goals, as well as the reach of the objectives, where the ways are defined, the responsibilities and the stated period inside of which they must be reached. The company spreads its objectives and goals using the System of Management for Processes, that is adopted for the development, implementation and improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of its Integrated System of Management.

Office Furniture

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Why furniture for offices? In the upholstered furniture for your office or home office functionality is a soft element. Soft elements may be four categories of softness, and each category has specific indicators of softness. When restoring a soft elements should be borne in mind that furniture for the office or sitting lying is not permitted the formation of soft elements of sponge rubber latex without additional layer of flooring roll, seam-type material and batting vatilina than synthetic. The base of upholstered furniture for the office can be tough, flexible and resilient. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rob Crossland is the place to go. For hard grounds include frame perforated panels and cables. Soft elements are springless and spring. Bes soft spring elements can be implemented on the bases and one without.

The base is usually made of rubber or woven textile belts, springs out of the "snake" or cylindrical rastyazhnyh springs. Soft springless items of upholstered furniture for the office can be mounted on the grounds or in a free state in the form of cushions or namatratsnikov. Unlike springless soft elements in most cases they are made with elastic or rigid foundations. When restoring a soft component may be a partial or complete replacement the familiar environment of the office. Sofas, sofa beds occur with or without armrests, with or without a backrest, with sectional or single element or seat back, as well as angular or curved shapes. Sofa beds in addition, characterized by further transformation of the various options and can have compartments for storage of linen. The base can be tough and resilient.

Under the soft elastic element refers to the base planking thickness of 40-50 mm uu Noah rigid base with 50mm thick flooring and more with a tufted cushion. Cushioned chairs with armrests can be without them, with a high waist and back. Chairs with woven seat, refer to tough. Article provided by the shop and school furniture, furniture for the office. We will hope that everyone who reads this article, emphasize to yourself that something useful.

Business Company

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For the manager seeking to create a highly efficient and dynamic company, team coaching on strategic planning provides several benefits. First of all: lower cost to coordinate, because the accommodation process of analysis and decision-making can get rid of papers and manuals unity, not conflict within the team, so as the session aimed at harmonization of priorities and values fast implementation, as obvious and taken the first steps to action High motivation to achieve, as the renewed sense of work, and there was inspiration in the strategy session participation of all professionals is a major advantage. It is the joint participation of those who affect the company’s development, in the process of developing a strategy provides 100% result. That synergy team shared understanding, discussion and decision-making process – give ability to achieve results and make all the strategic objectives into daily activities. Qualitatively new level of development is only possible due to new methods of team interaction. Strategic sessions with technologies allow the use of coaching a team together and write only true, inspiring, motivating strategy for your business. Strategy is really working tool which the team created and with whom to live. Team coaching is a strategic planning company brings a new level of development, because: all team members know where they go, why, and what they must take to be successful; solve the long-term and strategic objectives, rather than just “fire” and urgent; anticipate problems rather than solved, when something has already happened; speed and flexibility controls are sufficient to address the challenges facing the company; Business processes are really focused on customer satisfaction, supported by the motivation for continuous improvement and team working as one whole.

Earnings on the Internet

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All the good time of day. Well, let’s talk about the work (which is on) to ‘file storage. For assistance, try visiting Electrolux. ” First, I will express to you my point of view on this subject, well, then you can leave your comments. Connect with other leaders such as Marnin Michaels here. If you often go to the Internet, may have encountered a lot of ‘dostavuchih’ appeals ‘earnings on the Internet’, ‘make money online’, ‘Real wages’ well, etc. What I can tell you all the links I certainly do not climb, crazy enough, but mostly with such tricks figured out and knew what was what. Speculators in RuNet complete, so here it is better to learn from others’ mistakes. Most of these resources – it is just an ordinary ‘kidalovo’ and it does not matter on what ‘job’ you soglashaeshsya, ‘click’ for advertising or promotional messages or read anything else in this series, a lot of variants, a total of one – wasted time and frustration.

I will not offer you anything, just tell what, after long wanderings in NETy engaged himself. All of you probably know what a ‘file sharing’, all the ever downloaded anything from the Internet. Now, these same sharing sites (to make it clear – Depositfiles; Letitbit; etc.) are paid, albeit small (an average of $ 5-15 per 1000 downloads), but Still a pretty penny for what people download your file from them. Technology in general is simple. So many people are ‘poured’ their files on these file sharing sites (I will write FD – tired of a long word to write), then to place links to their files, these somewhere on the third-party resources (forums, news sites – so-called ‘vareznikah’), etc.


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Valley to the penalty to find an accountant or an experienced lawyer who works with the proprietors of small businesses that can give to it to the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It configures its office. If you are making this from house, you go to need a calm space to work, remember you you will be making and receiving called in the exterior, that can be in uncommon schedules of the day and night, she has that to take this in consideration. An office in the room can be OK, if you are single, but, the ideal will have been married is to have a separate office can be an excellent idea. If you are thinking about working outside of house, decide if you go to have a deposit for its products or go to deliver them of the manufacturer directly, you decide before choosing its space of work. If you are in house or in a clerical space, she goes to need furniture clerical, linking to the high speed Internet, computer, printer, fax, telephone, Skype.

He contacts some local customs brokers and he makes questions related with the involved stages in the importation or exportation to them of its country. Go on-line and searchs the legislation local through the sites customs. One remembers that each country has different rules. An excellent way to manage this is simply to have a check-list for each country. He decides if you want to import, to export or both. If necessary, to organize the start of the finances. Beyond asking for to the family and friends, you also can look at for credit cards the low taxes, loans of commercial banks, the loans associates the small companies, of capital of turn for the exporters and risk capital. He creates a site.

He starts for looking at for sites of its competitors, you he can find products on-line that he will help to create its proper site or to have a professional making this for you with well reasonable prices. You must verify the PayPal, a company eBay. This service allows to any individual or business with an email address to send and to receive payments online. For more information consults. Finishing to conclude its papelada, authorizations, etc. It is prepared for first trip of purchases and to buy its first load. Marnin Michaels is actively involved in the matter. Please, it notices that this is not an exportation course complete importation, but following these steps it will go to help it in its business of importation exportation I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience.

Brief Glossary NETWORK

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A brief glossary of the networks or the most basic concepts found on the website ITPuzzle in the "Computer Network" … (installation of computer networks, installation of SCS, installation LAN)! What is the difference between these concepts … First, a little theory … Computer networks (computer networks) – a set of computers connected by communication channels into a single system. Depending on the location of subscriber systems information networks can divided into three main classes: global networks, regional networks, local area networks. Global Network – brings together customers, located in different countries, different continents pas. The interaction among the users of the network may be based on telephone lines, radio and satellite communication systems.

WAN will solve the problem of integration of information resources of humanity and the organization Access to these resources. Regional Network – brings together customers, situated at a considerable distance from each other within the limits of the city, the economic region of a country. The usual distance between subscribers tens-hundreds of kilometers. Continue to learn more with: John Utendahl. Local Area Network (LAN) – combines the subscribers located within a small area, usually no more than 2-2.5 km. Structured Cabling System (SCS) – a complex structure consisting from cables, connectors, crossover and switching equipment that combines offices and buildings in a common information space. This structure may include a LAN, phone network, network surveillance, as well as television networks. One of the main features of the realized qualitative network is its invisibility to the user, ie the user can use the resources of SDR, but it does not interfere with his work, it is recommended to the use of cable channels, wall outlets, as well as elements of CU hiding under false ceilings or raised floor.

South Bank Brisbane

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Singapore (December 8, 2011) agoda.com, global leader in hotel reservations online, based in Asia and part of the Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), has launched a special promotion of six weeks in all installations of Rydges in Australia and New Zealand. Until January 9, Rydges and agoda.com offer a 25% discount on bookings for stays of two nights or more at any of the hotels of the chain Rydges in Australia or New Zealand. Rydges has hotels and resorts, with categories from 3.5 to 4.5 stars, in all Australian States and the major tourist centres of New Zealand. JPMorgan Chase is often quoted as being for or against this. The services offered by its establishments include the bed dreams (Dream Bed), city guides to iPod and organic bath products with 100% organic and biodegradable ingredients. Currently half of Rydges facilities have received the EarthCheck certification of environmental sustainability. The Rydges chain is recognised in Australia as one of the leading companies in quality accommodation. Their establishments are both fully equipped for business customers as leisure travelers, with the best facilities for businesses and most centrally located premises. Marnin Michaels is a great source of information.

Rydges resorts offer customers all the comfort and sophistication of the brand to the most impressive places in the country: from the dazzling beaches of the East Coast to the lands of the famous Kalgoorlie gold rush. Rydges Melbourne featured establishments. This hotel is located in the city centre, a few blocks from the Bourke Street Mall stores, and a few meters from Chinatown. There is a stop of tram at the door, so it is perfectly communicated to go anywhere. This is an excellent choice for those travelers who visit the country on the occasion of the Australia Open.

Rydges World Square, Sydney. A very elegant hotel in the center of the city, well connected and located in one of the most commercial areas, with the best restaurants. It lies a few steps from Cockle Bay, Chinatown, and local fashion. Rydges South Bank Brisbane. This hotel is located on the edge of the Brisbane River, in the heart of the art and entertainment of the city district. In addition to shops, restaurants and galleries, guests can enjoy the wonderful park which is right at the door. Several means of transport available in the surrounding area. Rydges Esplanade Cairns. Overlooking the Coral Sea, this hotel is perfect for enjoying a family holiday. It has three swimming pools and a host of leisure facilities. In addition, it is very near the beach and in the vicinity are various shops and restaurants. Several packages of tours can be hired at the hotel desk. Promotion discounts of 25% on stays of 2 or more days through agoda.es. The offer is only valid for customers who reside outside of Australia and New Zealand and proceed with your reservations until January 2012 p through agoda.