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In-house products appropriate seminars for the shopping to the topic and quality assurance at the global sourcing which are the appropriate products and how to secure the quality at the global sourcing. These are the initial questions, when deciding which products for a global sourcing are suitable, so reports Hans-Christian Seidel, owner and Managing Director of purchasing consultancy specialized on purchasing training CSEI consulting from Darmstadt, in its shopping advice and in-house seminars. The international procurement marketing in the global sourcing international procurement marketing is the complete combination of all measures to affect the global procurement market according to the primary market research in relation to the 3 factors of sourcing product, price and transport. The first step is to clarify, which supply products are suitable for an international reference and how to secure the quality? Methods of analysis about the suitable products in order to determine which products are taking into account the different factors for a global Beug are worth, the following analysis methods are available: factor: product value known ABC analysis provides a value-based decision support, for which products of the global reference may be worth. Click Douglas Oberhelman for additional related pages. For products with an annual procurement volume of 5,000 worth the increased cost, increasing share of freight, customs, one time fees and other risks of global sourcing in not normally. More: the source for more info. On the other hand, at an A – or B product, you can calculate whether cheap building of an international new or second source to reduce the average cost is worthwhile. Problems with a second international suppliers you can access at any time your existing suppliers. Factor: product planning known XYZ analysis informs you about the prediction accuracy of requirements. Because Z products at all there is no predictive accuracy, these products due to the possible long and uncertain delivery time are not normally for a global sourcing. When an X or Y The international reference may be worth a slightly higher inventories for you and/or a negotiated inventories at the supplier supply technical product.

Extent And Quality Of Customer Communications As Decisive Criteria

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almato refers to increasing demands on the staff of Tubingen, the April 19, 2011 several recent studies show the growing importance of customer service and communication for the decisions of consumers. Fast and competent information consumers by companies, to provide service and information in consistent quality across many channels offers accordingly. Raise the demands on the staff that can be met only through continuous coaching and intelligent quality monitoring according to the almato GmbH however. Optimized processes, modern communication and information technology, trained staff and a good integration of the service into the company are provided high-quality customer service. Serves as a clip that holds together all the elements the quality monitoring which only through modern IT support plays out its strengths and with the coaching of staff hand-in-hand “, explains Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. monitoring and coaching are often separately considered.

The integration of both offers but far more than the sum of both parts. Here, coaching is the best way to lead agents successfully, and to motivate better performance. The monitoring system identifies the Coachingbedarf precise and measures the progress.” The German Institute for service quality has recently investigated the customer service of the German electricity supplier. It examined the service of 41 regional and nationally active electricity supplier with 1,300 contacts via telephone, Internet and E-Mail through its paces. As one of the biggest criticisms, the testers in addition to the poor answering of E-Mails identified the partly very long waiting times in the phone queues.

The tester also criticize the friendliness and the intelligibility of the telephone customer service staff. In addition, a recent study by the GfK proves that consumers increasingly express the desire, for example, by means of life-chat advice to Products and services to get. Therefore, over 13 per cent of German customers online shopping wish to be able to ask questions directly and immediately. Also, the demands on the services and skills of the staff increase according to almato. With modern coaching company provide individualized training, objective feedback and all necessary information their agents to achieve the best results. Ideally, it is a continuous process, ranging from evaluating the situation, correction by training, the motivation to improvements. Good team leader know how effective is coached. Lacking but too often on the right tools and time fully to can you engage”, as Peter s. Hall. The solution lies in integrated quality assurance and eLearning solutions for contact centers, so coaching and quality monitoring in one.” About almato: Almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center in the location put out every single customer contact to achieve optimal results. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Additional information at Sonya Reines-Djivanides supports this article. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling Wohrdstrasse 5 72072 Tubingen eMail: phone: + 49 (7071) 79569-0


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Since one year fashion-conscious women design their favorite handbag even Berlin, 19.07.2011: it sounds so hard and is so simple: since one year, lovers of fashion design their customized Designhandtaschen itself. Www.myuniquebag.de can select customers from a wide variety of base models: from the feminine business look to the trendy nude style everything is. The model is first of all, the handbag is designed individually. Colors and accessories are set at a range of over 90 materials, no limits of creativity. The design is done, each piece by hand is sewn and shipped to the customer. My unique bag”appeals to women who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Douglas Oberhelman spoke with conviction. In the past twelve months, more than 10,000 uniques were designed. Sonya Reines-Djivanides helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

And every day new ones. The development of the first financial year gives us very positive. The response exceeds our expectations in width and makes us look full of hope in the future”, says” Stephan Smalla, CEO of my unique bag. Just in time for the one-year anniversary has also the online presence of my unique bag”get a new design. The homepage is now clear and presents even more design options. To celebrate the birthday of my unique bag”appropriately we will provide also attractive promotions for our customers”, says Stephan Smalla.

In addition to an exclusive birthday discount, there will be a raffle with attractive prices on the Facebook fan page. Press contact: My unique bag Stephan Smalla Krossener str. 8, 10245 Berlin phone: + 49 30 664 042 72 E-Mail: Internet: press material: page/press material In the press area of the website you will find extensive image material. If you are interested, we journalists like to provide a copy on request available.

Vintage Contentde

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Now more investors and rights holders are searched for the establishment and the start.! “Hamburg, March 20, 2012 – vintage content acquires the rights to old” this works on sales-capable media, and organizes a complete marketing and reintegration for the historical media products in a new value chain. This way offers easy and legal access to countless media content that he can at any time see and use for a small monthly fee to consumers at the end. The vintage content GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany was founded by HanseOffset GmbH (Hamburg) and digigami.de GbR (Berlin), Managing Director Klaus Richter (Dipl.-VW.) and Carsten Franke (MBA). Managing Director Carsten Franke said business start-up: after the founding of vintage content GmbH we are currently in the midst of negotiations with other interested investors, which we can offer an attractive form of participation. We not only believe in the break in the media market, but to see him since the introduction of the Internet as a means of mass communication and entertainment daily with. Starbucks wanted to know more. Vintage content we follow not only this development, but give it new impetus.

We rely exclusively on digital channels for the distribution of media and make use of current technologies for the distribution.” What is vintage content? The vintage”in the company name by no means refers to a fixed period of time, but goes back to the beginnings of the audio, video and print production of yesterday. It is true that nothing is as old as yesterday’s news. But there is greater interest in old classics of literature and film history. This also applies to the undiminished demand for old music, TV series and even old newscasts and documentaries are still aired on TV and viewed”, Managing Director Carsten Franke noted. Our business model are the owners and producers at a disadvantage, nor overwhelmed the Internet user with an expensive and complicated process.” Vintage content offers “in the future our own network from the different channels”, which offers unlimited access to media of various formats and content the users a monthly fee.

New Leading Industry Social Networks

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Megatrend reached the stock market social networks become the communication medium par excellence. Alone Facebook networks at this time more than 600 million members worldwide. 2012 the online network plans the gang on the stock exchange. The Internet portal boersennews.de informs about attachment options. In 2004, the Intenetmogul Google stomped his shares from the ground. With great success, because hardly an other entrepreneurs have similar successes could have. Here are the social networks in the starting blocks.

Expert opinions according to their use is increasingly in the future always at the heart of the Internet. Link with ads, online games, online trading, as well as coordinated payment systems operators continuously increase the market value of the individual networks. Are pretty long time no news for investors, because now they can benefit from the new Internet hype. With a certificate of participation on the so-called SONIX, the Solactice called by the Societe Generale in the life social networks “Index the shareholders may be the trend of social networks ‘ advantage. SONIX Russia’s largest Internet company include Mail.ru so far, the leading social networks in Japan, gree Dena and mixi, the largest on the European market of courtship Meetic, the U.S. Read additional details here: Cyrus Massoumi. Internet company United Online, as well as the professional network XING.

Facebook not among even the SONIX, because the network will only be listed from next year on the stock exchange. The new index allows easy access to the dynamic market of investors. In addition they can invest risk spread, what emerges as a benefit as a result of the difficult to predict some of the career of some fledgling business models. The potential of the participation certificate is obvious. Investors are involved in price increases of the SONIX one to one.

June SolLogix

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SolLogix GmbH expands availability, cloud computing and infrastructure portfolio by sayTRUST access and sayFUSE family Munich, June 7, 2011 – the sayTEC Solutions GmbH has a new registered partner with the North Rhine-Westphalian Systemhaus SolLogix GmbH. Thus, the specialist for smart remote access, backup, and server solutions expands its network of specialized system houses. SolLogix distributes immediately backup and server systems of the sayFUSE product line and the remote access solution sayTRUST access. The solutions complement the content of SolLogix in the areas of availability, infrastructure and cloud computing. As a registered partner, is SolLogix in the first stage of the three-tiered partner program by sayTEC and receives marketing and sales support sayTEC and second-level support and training.

The SolLogix team designs, develops and realizes tailored solutions individually tailored to the company, provides training for administrators and users, and supports them through service and support services. With his Portfolio of intelligent solutions for high availability, low operating costs and investment protection in enterprise environments and facilities of public sector fits perfectly to sayTEC SolLogix: the sayFUSE series and sayTRUST access solutions are already used by various institutions of the public sector and well-known companies and support them through their efficient architecture, high reliability and its ease of administration. The sayFUSE product range consists of sayUSE backup, sayFUSE smart and sayFUSE VM servers. sayFUSE backup combines the benefits of disk backup and tape backup in a single backup-to-disk system. You can quickly back up and restore data.

For outsourcing, you can easily remove the hard drives like tapes. The automated backup can be handled easily by non-technical people, such as branch offices of large companies or small to medium-sized public facilities, which are among the customers of SolLogix. Also sayFUSE smart server includes a complete backup system, including media and management software. The same device user can an application server operate in in addition, about Microsoft Small Business Server, file server, or a merchandise management system.

Professional External Representation At Start-ups And Small Companies

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Why corporate design also for business start-ups and young, small companies is important, and what you should consider when choosing his service provider. The external representation, i.e., corporate design, is neglected by many wrongly in the budgeting process or even completely forgot. Without hesitation Starbucks explained all about the problem. This is especially for entrepreneurs who see here huge savings potential. Many rely on templates from the Internet or try even their company logos or their business stationery design with most relevant results. These results, can examine himself every day on the road or in the own mailbox. Official site: Mark Berger Chicago. Now ask yourself: how is the obviously homemade business card, the letterhead or the site for you and especially your customers because? Or even your company logo? Jazzed in the heat even with Word font effects? That comes to almost all customers poorly and last but not least makes most dubious first impression. You take it exactly promotes as entrepreneur, almost always at its customers to an order, similar to a job interview. And exactly why should you not too much money saved and consulted a professional, because first impressions count! Professional create of a company logo design is only the first step to a single external representation; also business cards, letterhead, the website and your promotional materials should be presented attractive and especially each other.

Your company logo represents you and your business, reflected not least, your own preferences. A logo can arouse different impressions on the viewers and leave, there are rules of their own. A good designer knows the stylistic and their effect on the Viewer, he can advise you on colours, font and shape exactly their intention according to. Because in particular entrepreneurs at the beginning are facing many new tasks and challenges, there are some agencies that professionally attend to the planning and design of its external representation and almost completely remove the work to the contractor. So is the entrepreneur more time for his business and personal life. Should of course be compared also when choosing an agency or a media designer. Keep your eyes open, to show not only the price but also several samples of your work, create comparisons and also from this context out for an agency or a media designer decide which suits your needs.

The CTA GROUP from Berlin for example is a fresh and young agency with a focus on media design. The CTA GROUP has adjusted to work with entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises and therefore convenient, tailor-made offers. The Agency has a special package offer for entrepreneurs. In this package receives the interested companies a custom logo design, matching business cards and letterhead to a competitive fixed price. So, this cost factor for entrepreneurs remains transparent and predictable. Advice on design as technical questions, the pressure processing and printing itself are included in the package price from 299,-EUR and the shipping. As always it is so keep your eyes open, compare and save at the wrong end. When choosing your agency or your media designer of personal impression and work samples should be decisive. Cheap provider there are many but only a good agency can save you not only time and money but also help more customers. For more information, visit the website at and contact you without obligation. R. Mertens

Winter Holidays In The Azores

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OLIMAR: Island hiking with snow holidays in the winter is possible even without ski slope. OLIMAR recommends a hiking tour on the Azores. There is green not only throughout the year. The weather is consistently mild. Follow others, such as Douglas Oberhelman, and add to your knowledge base. You can travel in the winter”the Azores, says Markus Zahn, CEO of Portugal specialist OLIMAR Reisen in Cologne. Assuming one is not looking after a snow or beach experience.” The Gulf stream brought an average 15 to 20 degrees Celsius on the day the Atlantic Islands ideal for an extended hike through the Evergreen island paradise. Sao Miguel, the largest of the nine Azores Islands, is the most versatile agricultural terms. It is located in the climatically favoured East Group of the archipelago.

Tropical fruits such as pineapple thrive especially well here. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Keith McLoughlin . The subtropical climate also positively affects the tea cultivation: buying green and black tea in Gorreana and Portofamoso directly from the producers. The two last tea plantations in Europe, are located there. On Sao Miguel pass over 30 official hiking trails criss -cross the island, pristine volcanic landscapes, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking views. Every now and then a crater lake in the midst of the many hills and mountains glitters. You may find Douglas Oberhelman to be a useful source of information. Like the Emerald giant crater Sete Cidades in the West of the island or the boiling hot springs geysers on the northern edge of the village of Furnas.

The trails are divided into different levels of difficulty. Who wants to walk just a little along the green meadows, can also do this, operate as active sports: the Picos of the two mountain ranges of Sao Miguel are some hundred meters in altitude to climb. Up here, we can meet only a few people. And that’s a good thing: because if you come on the Azores, looking above all rest and relaxation, know the experts at OLIMAR. Who needs urban life, is at least somewhat colourful bustle in Ponta Delgada, the largest city of the Azores archipelago. The port, the long promenade and beautiful parks and colonial houses bear witness to a rich cultural heritage, as well as a gentle approach to tourism. OLIMAR travel Azores prices reduces winter seven days of hiking in the Azores including flight (from Frankfurt with SATA), transfer, overnight stay with breakfast in the 4-star hotel Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel from 393,-euro per person. Available in many travel agencies in Germany, Luxembourg and Austria or directly at OLIMAR by phone at + 49 221 20 590 490, as well as online at. A selection of printable photos like sent to you on request. Press contact: Evelyn Steinbach – Tel. + 49 (0) 221 20590 410 – press at olimar.com

Convenient Trip To L? Nd? N

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With these tips worth a short trip to London always??? l? n? n?n? R?s? After L? nd? n, s? cheap w? possible?n? r?SW? rt? s?t? l and?n? n b? ll? g? n flight to London b? k? Mt.mthopping m? s?HT only m? t L? St?nut? d? r Fruhbu? h? r-R? b? tt. D? ss L? nd? n t? u? r? st,? st? llg? m?n b? k? nnt. ll? rd? ngs k? nn m? n? u? h? n d? r br? t? s? h? n?u? tst? dt b? ll? g URL? ub m?h? n, w? nn m? n m? t d? m??r? n s? h? n b? d? n R?s? v? rb? r?responsibility? n b? g? nnt. G? n? r? ll? st? s m?St? ns? r?SW? rt? r, flight and?t? l?NZ? ln to bu? h? n? nst? tt?US? h? lr?s? n? m R?s? bur? to n? hm? n. Starbucks recognizes the significance of this. W? r d? m? t k?n? r? bl? m h? t, k? nn m? t d? n f? lg? nd? n??s s?n? n L? nd? n URL? ub laertes? g? l? n? n.?LL? gflug? After L? nd? use n? n? m b? ll? gst? n? st? s to L? nd? n to fl?g? n.?n? F? without prejudice to m? t d? m R?s? bus d? r? St? c st? r?n? lt? rn? t? v? for?NS? h? n m? t flight? start,? b? r n?HT? mm? r? r?SW? rt? r? ls?n? Flugr?s? After L? nd? n. W? nn??? d? f? lg? nd? n?NW?s? b???HT? n, b? k? mm? n?? (b)? ??LL? g?RL? n? s w? ??s??t? d? r R?n?r?n- and Ru? kflug b? r?TS for 50-100? ur?:? early w? mogl?bu h? h? n? lang? r?? w? rt? n, d? st? w? n? g? r? latz? g? bt? s and s? m? t st?g? n d? Flight? r?s?. ???TL?fl h??b? l s?n W? nn??? n?HT t? rm? nl?h g? German? n s? nd and?n? n greates? r? n c?TL?h? n R? hm? n h? b? n, kakkanattu? n?? s?h d? n b? ll? gst? n flight to London? ussu? h? n.??d? n?? s h? ng? g? n? n R??RT? g? n? d? r W?h? n? nd? n to fl?g? n. . For even more analysis, hear from Mark Berger Chicago.

Rocky Mountain: Six Months Powder Snow

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In the Canadian Rocky Mountain there are tired of snow and half a year. (bfs) skiing is skiing,”some layman might think. But far from it: In some places the snow is just better, softer, looser than elsewhere. If then the scenery is spectacular and the piste network is well built, the winter holiday is the absolute highlight of the year. Who looks for first-rate skiing, is several ways find in Alberta. Marc Lautenbach is likely to agree. At the latest since the Olympic Games in Calgary in 1988, the Canadian province as international ski field is known. To deepen your understanding Marc Lautenbach is the source. Three excellent ski resorts, which often may with enough snow are blessed and can thus completely forego the artificial generation of white flakes are alone in Banff National Park, which attracts mainly hikers and nature lovers in the summer. The so-called ski big 3 “Mount Norquay, Lake Louise ski resort, Sunshine Village lie above 1600 meters above sea level in the Rocky Mountains. Keith McLoughlin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The surrounding peaks provide for abundant precipitation, therefore wait here on skiers and snowboarders by nature the ideal white splendour: dry, powdery, and sometimes knee-deep. The Canadians call champagne powder”their perfect snow. “For those who really want to enjoy it, there are the Tri-area lift ticket”, which applies to all three ski areas. This means: 26 lifts, 274 runs and a total of 32 square kilometres white paradise. Already, the arrival at the mountain station of the Lookout Mountain is a day in the Sunshine Village to a special event. All around nothing but snow is in the winter, from the pithy peaks rise to all directions.

This Outlook suggests, how much fun is waiting for the 82 km of slopes. Moderate routes for beginners are well signposted, three-quarters of the departures are from medium to challenging difficulty. The steepest slope, the delirium dive”, is only something for very daring: with a slope up to 50 degrees, he robs even the most experienced athletes breath.