Sasha Medvedev

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Such an increase leads to fierce competition. Professionals are expensive, but amateurs are ready to work for peanuts. Alas, for many customers, price is the main criterion by which selected photographer. Choose, and then sorry. But now it's not about that. The abundance of photographers has led to the fact that demand a small, but offers a lot.

And then there's a new market – the master-classes. And again the old scenario, the number of master classes growing by leaps and bounds. A set of inexperienced photographers literally learned to use his photo camera, start teaching. In my practice, I came across this many times. There are many qualitative and non-teaching master classes, but also many that except as amateurish not name. Reeta Kapani Holmes describes an additional similar source. Well, how can a man who himself knows nothing, someone to teach? It turns out they can. That's what I created my photo blog – in which I describe those master classes that I have seen personally. I write only about what he saw.

Perhaps my observations will prove useful to someone when you select a master class for itself. So how do you choose the right master class, so you do not regret the money spent. First we must first look at who the author is a master-class, who shares his knowledge. In each branch of photography has its own spice, whose names everyone knows. K example, the market wedding photography all know such photographers as Nozdrin Sasha, Sasha Medvedev, Laszlo Gabani and many others. Secondly, not bad, it would know how long is a master class there. In the third talk with those who were there in person, or read comments. Although comments on trust 100% is impossible, because many of them are written by the same authors. Education should be for everyone. This must not be afraid. As our ancestors said: The Age -Live and learn!

Defining our Business

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To put our mission must be clear about the following, in what business are we really?, Do we actually spend? What are our products and services? Our mission should be as short as possible as possible in which we translate what? and How?. The mission must be learned and memorized by both leaders and collaborators, we must live every day with order to fulfill our reason for being. As individuals we must also look a personal mission, which is our reason for being, and feel to meet what we set ourselves. VISION is an organization want to be, is the clear statement that indicates where it is headed the company in the medium to long term, here the question to be answered is where do I want to be in the coming years?. The vision must be comprehensive, detailed and understandable, also, positive and encouraging, how long we will.

Vision is not just an idea that occurs to us, must answer the question “What we want to be and when you make it? The vision must be shared by both leaders as partners, when people in an organization can share a vision that are connected to achieve something important that will lead to transcend. A leader with a shared vision, is a visionary leader who solves problems for its partners. The vision must be composed of a target specific to achieve in the medium to long term. In the vision desires become clear objectives and commitments and located in time. The vision promotes enthusiasm and commitment of all the parts of the organization, encourages that from the leader until the last collaborator who has joined the organization, carry out actions according to what is stated in the vision. Once the vision has been created and integrated into the daily activities of the company, see the strategic purpose. This refers to seek more specific aspects of vision materializing. In a paragraph defining the vision of the company and give it coherence.

The vision must be concrete and successful. In these changing times, vision and should not only be sustained in the economy, production and management. It should also include culture and identity as new lines of business activities. The view as the mission must be learned and memorized by the leader and his collaborators make, part of his life, likewise each person should have his own personal vision. . Details can be found by clicking Innovar Environmental or emailing the administrator.

Territory Design

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Vanity and the rhythm of life in the big city forces are increasingly thinking about a comfortable life in their own home. Silverfern Group is often quoted as being for or against this. Despite all the boring crisis people continue to live, and not just to live, and build and buy apartments, do repairs in These apartments and furnish their furniture. Yes, of course, the easiest thing to start with bare walls. Lest you picked up – a kitchen, living room furniture, wardrobe or a house for his beloved cats – quite clearly imagine what you want to call and make an order. In any case, filling the empty space might not be easy, but it is nice here most importantly – do not drown in a sea of proposals and not to create an eclectic conglomeration.

But here to help councils designer and common sense. Unfortunately not everyone can afford such a great opportunity, each time starting from scratch, furnished our own house. Most accounts do not renovated, it is not new curtains, and had already seen the kinds of sofas. The same applies to the very layout of the house or apartment – oh how would like to remove one of the walls or ceilings to make higher but starts counting of Finance and the grandiose projects have forget. But do not despair. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ben Horowitz and gain more knowledge..

Generally, a variant of 'all change' is the most simple at first glance. After all, there will inevitably technical and psychological problems. To get used to old things, and, looking closer closely, sometimes you realize that 'they have completely nothing', 'hand does not rise', etc. In each issue there are several solutions. This rule applies to all areas of life, from the fateful situations to interior design. In order not to miss, to start make a plan of action and, above all, note that you most do not like in your apartment. Tackle approximate estimates of expenditure, it will allow you to immediately decide that you can replace any time soon, but with some things you need to get on and on. On this basis, it is necessary to decide which room to give more attention to include not only consumption replacement of furniture in this room, but at least some more or less repair, to freshen its appearance in line with future furniture. After all, the boots do not gloss navedesh! Your main task is to prevent the following – when the kitchen furniture already been ordered, and the repair is scheduled for the next five years – and this sometimes happens when the desires ahead of possibilities. Believe me, amid the peeling tiles and splodgy long fat Wallpaper Your brand new Beauty Area of the 'white swan' turn in 'ugly duckling'. And more if you live in a small apartment, it's not a reason for grief, but rather an occasion for reflection. If you think about it, even the houses have their rasprekrasnye deficiencies, even if match individual taste of its owners: that for some 'too closely', while for others it means 'very comfortable'. You are not able to alter the architectural layout of the apartment, but you can change it look, focus on one and obscure others. Space of a small apartment, using specific design techniques, can be done quite comfortable: the room when there is nothing superfluous, and all the furniture convenient and rational thought to the last detail, color interior is designed in bright, calm tones – tastefully furnished apartments, such as precious caskets – and beautiful, and cozy.

Interesting Innovation

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Most of us, so happened with the word "repair" is associated laying floors, installation of new window profiles and replacement of electrical and so forth. All, but not design, construction of an apartment or house in such a way so that decorative elements helped break from the problems and stress, and colors of walls does not get tired to please the eye. Stretch ceilings for our fellow countrymen are interesting innovation in the building. Stretch ceilings are able to visually enlarge the room and let you experiment with the installation of lighting fixtures. A related site: Ben Horowitz mentions similar findings. Stretch ceilings France – it stretches less than "native" ceiling polyester film, it spanned a distance of 3 cm parallel to the ceiling and fixed skirting around the perimeter. Learn more at this site: Reeta Kapani Holmes. Depending on your goals pursued by suspended ceilings will give you a nice lighting in your home or apartment due to special Technology (translucent suspended ceilings), a visual increase your living space (lac suspended ceilings, with a mirror effect).

Any designer's idea can bring to life suspended ceilings with metal effect, made in different colors: bronze, silver and gold. Comparing with other types of decorative suspended ceilings and repairs easier and have a list of pluses: they are water and dust, noise and insulation, and are characterized by poor combustibility. Producers of this element of decoration is currently in the market there are many, and his goods are sold not only foreign companies and firms, but also domestic. Stretch ceilings are made in Russia, speaking objectively, foreign somewhat inferior in style and execution can not offer the end user all the great range of colors, which offer suspended ceilings, France. Can also be assured that each will be able to pick up a stretch ceiling prices that vary depending on the color of stretch film (white or color) and material (the material is refined, to the ceiling price). Stretch ceilings in the apartment, in other words, bring not only a sense of renewal as a result of a perfect repair, but also give the calm and comfort, and which needs every one of us.

Dynamics Spurt

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The consultoria Dynamics Spurt, divulged in January of 2012, referring its ranking the world-wide sales of 2011 automobiles, showing Brazil as room bigger world-wide market, the country obtained to support itself in the busy place since 2010. The occupant of the first position is the China, that had its growth in the house of 7%, in comparison with the previous year with its 14 million commercialized cars. Although the slow rhythm and economic turbulences, U.S.A. had more than obtained a referring growth of 10% to the year of 2010, being thus with the second position. The Japanese still suffering effect from the natural disasters occupy the third rank with a fall of 15% in the sales in comparison to the year of 2010. The growth of the market of sales of automobiles in Brazil beirou 3%, being enough to keep the fourth position of ranking global. Data interesting of survey point recovery of Germany with growth of 9%, that it guaranteed the fifth rank and emergent India that a 6,1% increase had, in sixth position. The study still it demonstrates as it walks the drawing of the marks of car in the market, where Volkswagen obtained the leadership with a 16% growth, before the Toyota that got bigger performance of referring 7,9% the 2010. Continue to learn more with: Silverfern Co-investment. The secret of Volkswagen to be in the leadership, was its performance in the emergent markets as China, Brazil and India. The growth of the Brazilian market, also dumb some paradigms of the consumer, who each time more leaves to face the car as a patrimony and to consider it a consumer good, since the increasing production makes with that the Fipe Table of the Cars falls each time more.

International Finance Corporation

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The Collevecchio Declaration endorsed in 2003 for more than 200 ONG' s in the whole world convoked the financial institutions to accept six commitments and to adopt it implements measured it them. The commitments are: support of the markets and governana, not to provoke damages, responsibility, rendering of accounts, support and transparency. The Principles of Equator, defined in 2002, demand cares special of the partner-ambient point of view in projects with superior loans the US$ 10 million. The directors of banks very like to mention these declarations and principles to pass the image of ambiently correct. However, the practical one is very distant of the theory. The controls to know are small if the money that leaves the banks is being correctly applied in socioambientais terms. However, the banks are worried about its reputation, are investing in campaigns marketing millionaire to construct an image of ambiently correct.

A monitoramento of credit of the main ones financial institutions of the world sample that the result is far from being socioambientalmente responsible. It has great distance between the speech and the practical one. It occurs that a number each bigger time of companies comes if converting the cause of the support. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Electrolux. The engine of this trend is what it moves the capitalism since always: the cost/risk/benefit. To assume a not sustainable position means to come across with the doors of some banks and closed institutions of promotion. The lack of monitoramento of ambient impact of the company is considered as a bomb of effect delayed for its businesses. In this context, the ambient insurance suggests the attendance of the reparatrias and indenizatrias obligations on the part of the polluting agent.

Thus, this safe one starts to have effect of guarantee for presumptions ambient accidents and prevention, for the previous analysis that must be made by the insuring institution. These will be able to consist in the biggest sponsors and apoiadoras of politics and projects of entities directed to prevention and promotion of the sustainable development. The insuring company will guarantee a true auditorship in ambient substance and the act of contract of a safe from civil liability for ambient damage will become a useful tool of ambient management. On-line ambient Monitoramento with the values of partner-ambient responsibility, 41 banks already had adhered to the Principles of the Equator. The institutions if compromise to observe the social politics and of environment of International Finance Corporation (IFC). The concern with the environment is a question closely related to the responsible management of the natural resources, assuming the echo-efficiency concept: supply of goods and services the competitive prices, that satisfy the necessities human beings and bring quality of life, reducing gradually the ambient impact and the consumption of natural resources for a level equivalent to the capacity of sustentation esteem of the land. The signatory banks must always consider, when evaluating new loans and investments, questions that increase the chances of acceptable or sustainable growth, of the ambient and social point of view and that the risks minimize the exposition. We are vain who multicriteria actions of support will allow increasing competitiveness to the companies, coherent with the yearnings of its public internal and external. Pollution is synonymous of wastefulness and practical socially joust is synonymous of motivation.


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For Vieira (2006) the logistic one is an administrative methodology that if base on the awareness for the job of concepts, techniques and procedures that they direct to a maximizao of the level of service and the productivity in a suppliment chain. 2.2 LOGISTIC IN the INDUSTRY OF the CIVIL CONSTRUCTION In the great workmanships, she is necessary to work the order management, the supply control, the shipment, the transport process and of discharge of the product in the workmanship, everything this synchronized in the time, trying an operation just-in-teams, the found difficulties to supply these necessities is concentrated in understanding the demands of the workmanships and presenting better solution. Speaking candidly Keith McLoughlin told us the story. In accordance with Saints and You would make Son (1998), ' ' vision of management directed toward the reduction of the stated periods, the costs, the losses and wastefulnesses, and an environment based on the continuous improvement and the otimizao of flexibilidade' ' For Guerrini and Sacomano (2001) civil construction traditionally is treated from the seedbed of workmanships, as central element where the solutions search to minimize losses, leaving of it are the relationship with the customer, suppliers, attribution of responsibilities, capacity of the company in managing and defraying workmanships. Silva and Cardoso (1998, apud IT HISSES, 1998) the applied concept of logistic to the civil construction, is defined here is understood as being a labor dispute on grounds of discipline applied to one definitive workmanship that it aims at to guarantee the supplying, the storage, the processing and disponibilizao of the material resources in the work fronts, as well as the sizing of the teams of production and management of physical flows of production. Howard Schultz is full of insight into the issues. For Vieira (2006), the concept of logistic applied to the civil construction ' ' it is the integrated treatment given to the diverse activities that constitute a suppliment chain co-ordinating them enter si.' ' 2.3 LOGISTIC AND SUPPLIMENT CHAIN IN the INDUSTRY OF the CIVIL CONSTRUCTION the planning and the management of the suppliment sector are basic elements for the execution of an enterprise, since the acquisition of a material to the act of contract of a service. .

Discipline And Self Control – Key Success Factors

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Successful traders are always disciplined. Discipline as a success factor is mentioned in almost all the trading books, she also became the subject of separate classic works such as "disciplined trader. Hear other arguments on the topic with Howard Schultz. gave the correct signals in 85% of cases. It is possible that this relationship is maintained in the future. But maybe not. Unforeseen factors such as changes in general market conditions, may have a negative impact on your strategy. A leading source for info: Andreessen Horowitz. Lack of discipline will make the situation worse.

Imagine a strategy at work, on which the success rate is high enough. Unique opportunity to benefit from the law of large numbers – it's like to work may be more similar cases in accordance with the settings of your trading plan. Disciplined traders trust strategy is enough to send their funds for the implementation of the plan and have a good chance capitalized on the chances. Unruly as a trader, in contrast, are all kinds of wind. He should be trading plan sporadically, often breaking it. Discipline – a key success factor, but not everyone can support it at a sufficient level. Success requires that you brought up in his self-control.

One reader of my columns on the psychology of trading once said: "You talk a lot about simple things. Why do you think it is difficult to stay disciplined? You create a trading plan and follow it. What's hard? ". I must admit that it really sounds simple. We are developing plans constantly, and very often do not follow them of particular difficulty.

Office Design

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Prepare the conditions for the best first impression do not there are second chances to make a great first impression, so it is that we must ensure the conditions to achieve that click of love at first sight of the customer towards the design. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Starbucks. An important design should be presented under controlled by the designer. Try as far as possible always do so at his Office and on your computer, where you can display design in all its splendour of colours, structure and graphic details, accompany it with a good print on paper and have the images ready to be seen quickly, do not break the mystery of its design, by opening Photoshop Frente al cliente. See the design on the computer of the customer many times could be the difference between appreciating to fullness or not, all the benefits and graphic details of our design. On the other hand the customer tends to be more receptive when you visit our offices because their attention is entirely in the presentation. If it is inevitable to have to do it in the client’s Office, then we should do so with the best conditions, most advisable is to bring our best laptop, with better resolution and display colors and let us not forget to carry also printed the design. Don’t wait for explanation of the design if it completely remember what is presenting is not a work of art to be referred out our own appreciation, but a design that was carried out to fulfill one or more purposes, so once the client begins to see the images is important to accompany his observation with explanations of the casedescribing each of the elements of design and composition, especially those things that a static design can not show yet, as certain features or animations that will be incorporated into the HTML formated with eloquence.

Hold your design more that can should not show from a home the impression that we can make a new proposal if that, you don’t like if it is assumed that we study the customer’s expectations and analyze what suited him more, then we must show professional character and defend our work with all the technical reasons and criteria that our experience has taught us. But we must also be professionals in recognizing that if a design requires much effort to convince the customer, it is possible that bad in his approach and perhaps should consider seriously to develop another proposal. Be prepared to adjust your design strategically always is preferable to adjust or modify our design to have to create a new one (another of the commandments of the Freelance), is therefore that we should maintain a purposeful and flexible attitude to help customer to give you ideas and quick fixes to those design details of which are still not convinced.

Associates Management

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In addition, and a very important issue; This allows an involvement of the company in its management, they are partakers of the facts, we work jointly proposing to take them to understand the basic principles of accounting and taxation as well as business management. The accounting can be boring but we take it otherwise always there are other ways to approach the same question. Our issue is the game and the implication, because having fun working, is the most important thing. I hope that that journey in simplicity, may have opened new prospects to carry the management of his company, desire to innovate, change, to break the routine of day to day. Without forgetting that we sometimes seek answers to our doubts complicating us life and wasting time when solutions are ahead of us, we simply forget open eyes. I remember a phrase I read in a book, that today has caught all its sense in my mind, if it can not be the first, must seek other ways to be. Dublino y asociados S.L., we have no claim to be the first but we are simply different, because the first are our customers. I am of course available to who have doubts or need any concrete reply. Mick Quevauvillers technical accounting (Dublino and Associates) original author and source of the article.