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In the height, I imagine that the State represents that you here, the State of Par if did not reveal, but this is opened stops in the renewal the Chamber Then, he fits to the Secretariat of Hdricos Resources or the Secretariat of Environment? SECTAM of the State of Par if to reveal favorably to the participation of the Chamber Technique. Then, ‘ is answered; ‘ (sic). That height the only participation of somebody of this region was the representative of ONG ARGONAUTAS, evidently with its structural limitations, of performance and representation, differently of a federative unit, that with its organizacional structure can consider and firm accords or actions that could be programmed and be placed in practical in this region. Ben Horowitz brings even more insight to the discussion. 4.? CONCLUSION Interpreting the retrotranscrita manifestation of the representative of the CTEA, in the meeting of Joinville/SC, was enough that all the States of Brazil, in reply to the crafts sent (it did not say for who, if for the COMANA or the CTEA), if they revealed when it is formed or created a CT, deducing it who the State of Par never disclosed the respect, ‘ ‘ but this is opened for the renewal the Chamber Then, fits to the Secretariat of Hdricos Resources or the Secretariat of Environment? SECTAM of the State of Par if to reveal favorably to the participation of the Chamber Technique ‘ ‘ (sic). The situation is not so simple as if it revealed that integrant one of the CTEA, as much is that, after that chance, one year later, in 14 of May of 2007 when having renewal of the integrant ones of the mentioned CT, one more time representative of States of the Amaznia they had been of it are, amongst which the State of Par, being currently only two States of the Northeast Region? Bahia and Cear. It is opportune to remember that CT, when of its creation, exactly in temporary character, held 8 (eight) States, having had a 75% reduction, that is, in eight, only two States now compose so important collegiate, without counting that already it was integrated by representative of only one State, of Santa Catarina, in biennium 2005/2007. See Starbucks for more details and insights. The renewal for biennium 2009/2011 is gives if to materialize and the State of Par cannot more be of is. If it will not have of this time the inclusion of no State of the Amazon region, we will pass more two years excluded of the CT.

the suggestion for the intended and opportune inclusion, as form of bigger possibility, is that they are more vacant servants for representatives of state governments, also establishing the representation for region, when then, taking advantage this last possibility, at least our State it would have guaranteed the possibility of one day to compose importantssima CTEA. The boarded arguments however and the information in contained them seem its author the sufficient so that the Government of the State of Par can, with its proper arguments, to demand its legitimate and necessary inclusion in the CTEA, being presented its representative to integrate the collegiate one for the next biennium, in such a way, to present the local lines of direction, enclosing the Amazon region.

Perinatal Medical Center

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Boris Bobrov, practicing endovascular surgery, endovascular surgery department head Perinatal Medical Center (PMC), a leading researcher at the Center Rentgenohirurgii SMU refuted the myth that Uterine artery embolization is a new treatment for uterine fibroids – is not. It turns out that for the first time this operation was carried out over 20 years ago an American physician Oliver. Further development of uterine embolization artery (EMA) was associated with the practice of the French physician Jacques Rovina. What's interesting – at first he used the embolization of uterine arteries only in preparation for myomectomy (removal of myoma nodes) – but noted that after embolization procedure of uterine artetry patient began to refuse surgery myomectomy, arguing that the symptoms of fibroids they just disappeared! Indeed, it was later scientifically confirmed that one of embolization uterine artery in most cases for the treatment of uterine fibroids. In recent months, Douglas R. Oberhelman has been very successful. For the first operation in Russia has been invited by Professor A. Belenky of Israel, who had at that time considerable experience of embolization uterine arteries. But very quickly his Russian colleagues, endovascular surgeons, not only took over the experiences of embolization, but surpassed the number of Israel carried out operations on uterine artery embolization. Many gynecologists and West and in Russia are a strange distrust of this method, and some do not know about it – that is, of course, unprofessional.

But the "Yes" said the mere fact that the operation of uterine artery embolization in 2005 eaten most of State Condoleezza Rice – it is clear that the U.S. Secretary of State would not "have" no credible method. Today, EMA is recognized by evidence-based medicine. The group of Russian scientists has been awarded State Prize for achievements in this field. Uterine artery embolization – minimally invasive, rapid and effective treatment for uterine fibroids, avoiding complex operations and the removal of the uterus.

Potato Production

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Already in 1987, the same it was extended and its capacity increased for 4.000 boxes. During this time, the IPA carried through some experiments in agriculturist level. Experiments regarding the time of plantation, espaamento, fertilization organo-mineral, control of plagues and illnesses and plantation in ridge were made. With the success of batatinha the APROBACA, also obtained the acquisition of a tractor with implementos that sufficiently helped to the agriculturists of the communities of 4 district and region. This success lasted sufficiently, but unhappyly in 1998 a great drought finished not only with batatinha, more also with all the cultures produced in the properties, thus agriculturists had been sad and discredited with the culture of batatinha and from there &#039 started; ' I decline of the potato production in regio' '. The DECLINE OF the POTATO PRODUCTION IN the REGION In the year of 2000, a new option of work appeared in IV the District of caruaru, sulanca, that ' ' tirou' ' of agriculture some agriculturists who ' ' largaram' ' the hoe and ' ' correram' ' for sulanca. This new option of work beyond being more advantageous, still was more easy to produce, with the creation of some productions in the community.

But, a new hope appeared, the secretariat of agricultural development of caruaru together with the IPA, obtained some projects for the APROBACA, livening up the producers of batatinhas, more the culture if did not hold with the same success, and in 2003 the agriculturists had given up to produce the potato, therefore, the conditions of the refrigerating camera were worse the possible ones, and the storage cost was enormous. But some agriculturists, ' ' teimosos' ' as they were called still they had been in agriculture with other cultures, and more agriculturists went going producing its confections to vender in sulanca. In 2006, a project of the secretary of agricultural development of caruaru, again livened up some agriculturists who had planted the potato seed brought for the secretary, in which, this potato was produced with great stored success and, in the refrigerating camera, that was adjusted, with the support of the city hall.

Armed Forces

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But they had perpetuated themselves in the power per 21 years. A related site: Silverfern Group mentions similar findings. They had been unhappy, even so colonel Jarbas Passarinho has insisted for the permanence of the Military Regimen. What it is an unhappy attitude of its part. The error of some does not justify that all come to pay for its errors. Today we have that to think about modernizing the thought of our Armed Forces so that they they always defend the Democratic State of Direito.Tambm if it makes necessary to think about modernizing our Armed Forces in armament, since Colombia, Chile and Venezuela see acquiring Russian and American airplanes, tanks and metal rings. The Cold War already finished makes time.

But our neighbors are if seting until teeth. our Armed Forces need to buy new and modern equipment to balance the situation in Latin America. the modernization of the Venezuelan Armed Forces unbalancing dominant forces in the South America as Brazil that not yet acquired its new supersonic huntings is a preoccupying factor. Therefore, it is enough to look culprits in the past. We have that to look at the future so that the new generations can live safe in its homes.

In interview to the Brazil Agency, the secretary affirmed that country must have pride of the Armed Forces. In entando, it defended the punishment for torturadores and estupradores that had committed crimes during the dictatorship. According to Vannuchi, president Lula it will decide the impasse. The military commanders complain because, according to them, the decree excluded from new inquiries the crimes committed for the militant ones of left. This affirmation of the Secretary of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic does not decide the question that is hanging. The revocation of the decree for the president of the Republic will only pacify the Armed Forces. Is necessary coherence and good sense so that the problem does not generate an institucional crisis. The delivery of the positions for the military heads and the Minister of the Defense Nelson Jobim created estopim for the crisis. But president Lula who is old monkey and is experienced did not accept. According to it the decision on the subject will have to be for April. Because April I do not know. Perhaps it wants to gain time to decide the imbrglio. We go to wait to see in what it goes to give. With certainty Squid it will decide this pendency with the Armed Forces and the Brazilian left with altivez and responsibility that is what all civil society organized and the people wants.

Totalitarian State

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Robert Ramalho Ramalho is Lawyer, Pblicas Relations and Jornalista.A attempt of the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic to fit the military revoking the Law of the Amnesty is inconceivable. Douglas R. Oberhelman is often quoted on this topic. When signing a decree that makes possible the punishment of military who had participated of tortures are unacceptable. We cannot come back to the past. The thought inside of caserna now is another one. All know that it is the optimum Democratic system for our people and that one that of the chances for all.

Completely they are maken a mistake the Institute of the Brazilian Lawyers and the Advice of the Bar Association of the Brasil.A amnesty buried any attempt of opening of processes against that either, either to militate or guerrilla or terrorist of left. The amnesty law finished of time with this. We go to live the gift and not passed it. It is evident that the military dictatorship was a regimen cruel politician. that the Democratic State of Right was a sweated and suffered conquest and our Constitution is there for correcting this everything.

But particularly I am against any attempt of punishment to the military. The left combatants also are not saints. They had killed, they kidnapped and they stolen. Everything this on behalf of an existing Totalitarian State that was the Union Sovitica.Se Jango had if submitted to the interests of the Soviets and the Russians with certainty the country it could be a Soviet satellite. Of this form we never would have thought and liberty of speech politician. I also agree to those that had repudiated the military blow of 1964. But it was necessary. What I do not agree is with the establishment of the Institucional Act n 5 and with the too much acts that had come later. After the blow it was necessary that the Military Regimen still restored the democracy in the decade of 60.

Agenda Hillary Clinton

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Former wife of the United States of America today Hillary Clinton will meet with the current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. That is, it is not an ordinary meeting and talks between the President of Ukraine and very influential person in the United States of America. Ukraine is the first country visited by Hillary Clinton, as part of a five-day trip. That is the first country from the Ukraine in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus are Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit. Also, former wife of former President Clinton will visit the capital of Poland, the capital of Azerbaijan, the Armenian capital, the capital of Georgia. Hillary Clinton Goes to Ukraine especially because of the joint press conference with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to the media. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported one more reason why Hillary Clinton arrives in Ukraine. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will also hold a joint press conference yet, and even with the head of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Gryshchenko.

Also planned that the Secretary of State United States of America can meet with representatives of public organizations and mass media. And Hillary Clinton has been meeting with representatives of the opposition. Press Secretary BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko, that Hillary Clinton should meet with Yulia Tymoshenko to discuss the political situation that has arisen now in Ukraine. On live TV, "Channel 5" Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko said that the main reason for the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be the establishment of institutional real dialogue. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko believes that among the many issues that they plan to discuss Hillary Clinton even global world problems. It is issues such as climate change and terrorism. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko said that Hillary Clinton "comes with a positive agenda."

Communist Party

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Location of the municipality of Chaparral 19 Figure 2. Map of Southern Research According Tolima 20 Figure 3. Tolima Department Violence areas Page 58 9 ANNEXES Annex A. Diagram which illustrates how the groups were located bandits to attack the security forces 120 Annex B. Sketch of the Region of San Jose de las Hermosas 121 Annex C. Urban Town Photo Chaparral 122 Annex D. Sketches of southern Tolima affected by guerrilla groups operating in the region and surrounding municipalities Rioblanco 123 Annex E.

Letter written by Gilberto Vieira, Secretary General of the Communist Party 124 Annex F. Martin Camargo letter addressed to the Communist Party of Colombia 125 Annex G. Military Report which explains the actions of the bandits 131 Annex H. List of Judicial Records Consulted 133 10 SUMMARY The present work on the guerrilla movement and banditry is developed in a historical period in which they lived in the midst of a permanent state of siege, curfew and “chulavita.” It is setting the southern department of Tolima and especially the municipalities of Chaparral and Rioblanco, which were considered during the violence of the fifties, as populations in which a seat had passions, which unleashed a storm of destructive forces, following the stage of political hatred. In these regions prevailed revenge as a means of justice, since those days of violence by fighting, had taken worrying characters, where the elimination of political opponents has become a habit allowed.

Garbage Society

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Development the Garbage folloies the man since the times most remote. In all history the man coexists the production of its residues which was modified constantly. The scientific and technological evolution that it folloies the humanity inserted in the environment the most varied raw materials and its derivatives. New products as plastic, glasses, metals, papers, amongst many others had come to day-by-day facilitate to the life of the man, being part of its, as well as of the garbage produced for it. Soon after the Industrial Revolution, the production of these residues took ratio gigantic, leaving the status of? primitive or domestic garbage? , in which he was of course reintegrated to the environment, to become a problem, in amount and resistance, therefore products with durability had appeared more each drawn out time. In such a way, the necessity appears to prevent that this excess of residues is changedded into a generating factor of problem for society, poluindo the way where it lives, causing damages its proper health and of that with it coexists. In this direction, studies point that the production of the garbage for a society can disclose some aspects important, as the purchasing power of the families and its habits of consumption, as well as the educational conscience on subject.

Much evolved in so little time, being perceivable the change of some modest habits, as the use of a simple dismissable diaper, today so common, but very rare it has 40 years. In the same way, the treatment that the society in general (exceptuando good exceptions) excuses to the garbage, discloses the size of the disinterest that of to this subject. Each society would have to define a program of absorption for the garbage that produces thus understanding that to have itself? it went to observe efficient techniques for collection, transport, storage and final destination, and possible reaproveitamento.

Creation Development

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The main step in the promotion of business – the creation and development of online resource that fully displays the activity of your business project will also help you attract new interested investors or clients. The site today is an integral part of any business, whether selling furniture or providing quality service to home care, in each case our aim is interested in our services and visitor quality of the site is largely influenced by his choice.> Creating a site (or sites) must match your interests, because are you going to run continuously, since the creation of websites is the leading form of promotion companies, private businesses and the whole of what you want. You can use these types of sites, such as e-card, online catalog, corporate website, a promotional site, and more. Designing sites – a major step to hours of activities, working, which will be progressively in the future to constantly work on you. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field. Site promotion – more important detail in your income the site. Search engine optimization – a popular and effective way which will help you. Ben Horowitz understood the implications. The goal of promotion – to attract potential customers and stakeholders. So when you request is issued thousands of links to many sites, your link will be one of the right places.

Your site should located on the top rankings? Then the availability of the site – your option. Creation of symbolism – is the design of your style, the style of your company, which should match your industry, but at the same time convincing attracts customers and stakeholders. Logo – is not just an icon, a well-known company. – this person firm, including you, are individually and revealing. This is a must for everyone, because only the logo sets you apart from the millions of other firms, users and individuals. The popularity of the site – one of the few steps to success. After all, the site itself does not spin up, will not be known, it will not be known about him will know enough customers, and if the site advance, to make it accessible to all, then it will go fairly persons, which will increase your income.

Vision Goals

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We are so customary to listen that we must obtain a vision and determine goals for our personal life, for our business, company, work in equipment, our hobby or even deports. I want today it to defy to consider goals in an area that is of extreme importance, but always is to the forgetfulness at the time of planning and determining goals: its familiar project. Perhaps you will say: " Why? , my family is well! " Perhaps already one gets tired with the pure idea to have to develop a project more. For more information see Ben Horowitz. Total, in the familiar life, way when walking becomes! It really thinks that its familiar life is so perfect that it cannot improve? And, at the end of its days, are not they those that they are going to be to his side? He will not want to know then with certainty that you did the best thing than could for each of them, beyond the material provision? Strangely, even in homes established, the familiar project is a unknown term. For that reason it is so important to establish a vision for the family. Our lives can be so busy, especially when we have small children in house.

Without giving us account, we can pass all the life occupied running from a place to another one. The problem is that, with as much activity, we can lose the course and we began to live the day to day, extinguishing fires as they happen, without having a course clearly. The time happens, the children grow, its work continues absorbing long time, until a day account occurs of which they will leave the home and it never made with them all the things that had seted out to do like father. A vision for the family can help him to determine goals real, to define what the family really wishes in the life and to unite it to walk in a pre-established direction.