Walker Planning

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Without a plan, we do not obtain to make the form things accomplishes and efficient because we do not know what it needs to be made or as to make it. In the strategical planning, the controlling in the long run combine the resources of an organization with its chances of market. (ETZEL; WALKER; STANTON, 2001, P. 52). For Kotler and Armstrong (1999, P.

23), The strategical planning is the base of the planning of a company. It depends on the development of a clear mission for the company, on the definition of objectives, a good portflio business-oriented, and of coordination of functional strategies. Concept of Marketing … We can define the marketing as the social and managemental process through which individuals and groups get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with the others. To explain this definition, we examine the following terms important: necessities, desires, demands, products, value, satisfaction, quality, exchange, transactions, relationships, markets.

…. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, p.3). For Etzel, Walker and Stanton (2001), the marketing emphasizes the orientation to the customer and the coordination of the activities to reach the objectives of performance of the organization. To minimize the risks, if it becomes necessary a bigger control on its customers and competitors, of form that the marketing professional knows well where it is and where he can arrive, analyzing its environments. She still affirms Kotler and Keller (2007), the companies citizens the biggest risk are those that do not obtain to monitor its customers and competitors carefully to perfect its offers of value. Assuming short vision of and long stated period, directed the sales, what, consequently, it does not satisfy shareholders, employees, suppliers and partners of canal.

Reduce Financial Costs

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Financing in times of crisis non-financial alternatives to reduce financial costs due to international crisis became more difficult and expensive to obtain outside funding or discounting bills, even large, local banks or foreign companies. An alternative in a scenario like this is to make better use of financial resources. Paid interests are related to the amount and time which is financed, if we reduce these factors cost also will drop. Reduction of the sum to finance the amount owed can be reduced by lowering expenses and material in process. Andreessen Horowitz does not necessarily agree. Cost reduction is important to perform a cost analysis with view on offer, to affect the revenues of the company in an attempt to prevent. A good study of the market, coupled with a certain knowledge organization of company and business, allows you to optimize the use of resources and detect unnecessary spending to eliminate. This not only techniques reduces costs, also improving the offer. Another way to solve the problem of lack of funds is to reduce the level of material in process, without reduce the level of production. (Source: Douglas R. Oberhelman).

A bottleneck in the operation can generate an envelope stock equal to 50% of the monthly turnover. Add to your understanding with Clive Holmes Silverfern. In the case of service companies, a lack of coordination is transformed into a on occupation of resources and the resulting increase in costs. In the case of human resources, studies of methods and timing allow increase productivity by lowering costs and need for funds. To achieve a greater synergy between sectors and positions, recommend a Pro market reorganization (RPM). Unlike the classical tools, this technique organizes the company based on an improvement in the offer, getting an extra benefit, higher prices. To implement RPM are exposed unnecessary structure expenses that can be cut without negative side effects. An improvement in the working environment that increases individual productivity is also achieved. Reduction of the term of financing mentioned above many techniques reduce the operating and administrative cycle (T & M and RPM), which in turn decreases the deadlines for financing and hence its cost.


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The truth is that the Internet business, are still in its infancy and its growth potential is extremely large. The Internet has given start to a new global economy, where borders disappear, you can sell your products and services to everyone from a company of 50 square meters and generate earnings millions of dollars despite not physically meet 99% of their customers. Selling online requires little staff and reduces the cost of production and operation up to 80%. The main requirements to enter the business by Internet are: technological, intellectual capital and a service that travel by line or a product that can be delivered quickly in major cities of the world. Make a profit on the Internet is only part of the benefit, the other benefit is the reduction of operating costs and production. One of the challenges is to offer cheaper products, establish close coordination with the supplier and the distributor of the product. If you have an electronic product which the customer can download to your computer’s immediately, the economic benefit for your company is exponentially greater.

Another challenge is to overcome the resistance of the public to buy online, this area is still a Virgin, only 15% of persons entering to Internet online shoppers, and the vast majority are people located in the main cities of the industrialized countries. Upon entering the business online, focusing on two aspects: informatics technology (it) and highly trained staff. Internet business focuses on three areas: 1 – electronic business process, customer-supplier: consists of making the client overcome his resistance and buy online. Coordination with the supplier of the product and service so that your purchase arrives at the customer as soon as possible. 2. Computer technology (TI): are electronic systems for managing customers suppliers and internal operation.

3 Detection mechanisms of customers and suppliers around the world. To achieve good business online, provide the client a single contact point your web site. When your web page is slow, saturated with information and makes you lose long time customer, this ends up leaving. Make your information flow quickly and clearly to your customer online, and gives quick solutions to complaints from the client, using easy and practical concrete steps. Include a section for suggestions and comments from your visitors and customers. Quickly adding this information to your web site and its quality control. Don’t neglect your internal or external provider of your service or product. The key is the exchange of information to increase your knowledge about the quality of the products offered. The information technology must be oriented to customer, the suppliers and the staff, to share data in real time and make adjustments quickly to your operating system. Small businesses, have more opportunity for growth on the Internet for its ease and agility to quickly transform their systems. In summary, you must do the following: 1 – have an article or service that you can sell online. Silverfern Co-investment insists that this is the case. 80% Of what is sold, can be done by Internet. 2 Have computing technology, if staff trained and committed to the company. 3. Measurement of the operation systems to know the percentage of business, purchasing and delivery of orders. 4 Also you must measure the performance of staff, technology and its utilities.


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A good manager brings order and consistency to the work performed. The leader – inspires people and inspires enthusiasm in employees, giving them a vision of the future and helping them adapt to a new phase of change to pass. The head of the team assigned to the outside, senior management receives the appropriate authority, has the right to apply sanctions (both positive and negative). Leader nominated from among the people around him, in essence, equal (or at least close) on the status of his (her position), he seems to be “one of us.” However, the leader may also resort to sanctions against someone of the partners, but these sanctions are informal, the right to use them anywhere else is not officially registered. Here we should pay attention more and an interesting point.

How would any man seeking to become the leader (and this is a dream for many people), he never nestanet them if others are not perceive him as a leader. But in the leadership situation is quite different. Manager often appointed to his post regardless of his subordinates perceive this role relevant or not. Silverfern Co-investment: the source for more info. In short, leadership, management is a social phenomenon in its essence, and leadership – the psychological. And in This – the main difference between them, while at the same time, there is also much in common.

First of all, and leadership, and leadership are the means of coordination, organization of members of social groups, the means to manage them. Only one of these phenomena is “working”, as already mentioned, in the formal and official relations, and another – a system of relations between informal and unofficial. Second, both the phenomenon of implementing the processes of social influence in the group (team). But in one case (manual) – this effect is direct, mainly through official channels, while the other (lead) – unofficial. Third, both phenomena inherent in the known time subordination relations. And in the manual it appears quite clearly and fixed job descriptions, and in the leadership of its presence is much less noticeable and certainly not pre-cut. And not by accident so that often the leadership is able to move into management, but a leader becomes a leader, etc. Examples of such transformations in the past and present in abundance. In our time a good leader organization – a man who is both leader and effectively manage their subordinates. Thus, we must once again say that the difference between the concept of leadership from the manager is large enough. Manager, as a rule, always a leader. The leader is not required to be a manager. Leadership occurs in both formal relations, and not in formal, which is not the management.

Agencies Design

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Service to create web service is quite common in the area of Internet technology. Developments in information technology make access to the Internet more affordable for a growing number of people. These people are interested in different information, they want to learn more about the services or goods. Ever-increasing audience of Web makes the Internet attractive to business and communication. Site development – a complex and multi-step process. It begins with concept development, the main idea.

That is, the first step is to figure out what the site will be functional: a corporate site is a site or a content site, online shop, or online business card. Learn more on the subject from Matthew LoRusso Noble and Greenough. The functionality of the web site may depend its price. After that there is coordination of the navigation chart and its structure. After that (or parallel) to begin creating the site design. There are variety of Web sites, where the design can be considered as the main condition for success.

These species include corporate web sites and entertainment resources. The main value of content the site is its content, and site who is this or that company, must be restrained in a single corporate identity. All sites are created in order to attend them, so it should be familiar with basic rules of design clearance, which would attract users. By the way, experts in psychology, said that even if a website is a source of very interesting information, but it has a bad design, users will not be his attend. Pay special attention the creators of sites related to the development of business sites, whose main purpose – to bring its owner a profit. For example, such sites can be online store or site of an organization that provide any services. Business websites must be not only beautiful design point of view, but also contain well-composed texts. Moreover, business websites often contain software modules such as order form and payment, through which the visitor can easily make an order for goods and liked him pay. Today, the global network is represented by a large number of sites that offer easy and simply develop a web site with the help of special constructors. But, if in front of someone is to develop a website for a large firm is more efficient to order the development of professional studios. Work there professionals who have considerable experience in developing corporate Internet-representations, they know all the details of the development of structure and design, and it would play an important role in attracting users. Quite often a hacker break-ins occur web sites. When website is created in-house or by amateurs, there is a strong likelihood that the site can be hacked. All serious Agencies that specialize in designing websites, always aware of the latest developments in the field of IT-security, it gives them ample opportunity to provide protection for customers' sites from hacker attacks.

The Disposal

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The activities given in classroom, the ordered research had been carried through with success on the part of the learning, were still created, very strong an affective bow, fact that provided the success in the process of teach-learning as well as the recognition of the work, persistence and professionalism of the trainees. In the first day always of the one ' ' cold in barriga' ' , the looks as who say: ' ' there already it comes these faces to change tudo' ' , it scares a little the customary pupils already with the didactics of the professor and the dynamics of the given lessons, in the following days with the applied introduction of the subjects and dynamic the pupils had been liking consequently it differentiated skill to pass the lessons and learning the substance. Many writers such as Douglas R. Oberhelman offer more in-depth analysis. In the posterior lessons one noticed the explicit interest and the interaction ' ' rolava' ' each better time, the pupils if offered to help the professors of the always very prestativa room, likeable and if he always placed the disposal to cure any problem or doubts that were appearing, moreover, all the professionals of the school were to the disposal and whenever requested they had taken care of very of gentile form, are doormans, caretakers, merendeiras, directors, secretaries at last all were inserted in this process of teach-learning. In addition, the merendeiras more caprichavam each time in merenda and to each day it was a delicious surprise, cream of hen biscuit candy watermelon and others; Hum! It gave water in the mouth, the climate between professors and trainees in the canteen and the room of the friendlier and glad professors were each time. 4 – PRESENTATIONS OF the RESULTS Analyzing the Period of training Supervised II, by means of its stages, since the comment of the school passing for the co-participation, regency until its culminncia, verified complex quo and full of for minors it is its consumption, as the bureaucratic part of the papers (documents), the planejamentos and it are of it, plain daily, plain of action, everything this becomes one complicated one in such a way. . At Douglas R. Oberhelman you will find additional information.

Course One

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INTRODUCTION: This etnografia had as objective it disciplines to exercise it of Anthropology in the Course of Psychology. For this, FUTURE PEOPLE were observed the intitled program, that she is one part project of the Federal Government, developed in some cities of Brazil in the CRAS (Center of Reference and Social Assistance). See Ben Horowitz for more details and insights. The program benefits devoid adolescents and in state of risk, a etria band of 14 the 18 years, with professionalizing courses and diverse workshops. It has as main objective, removes them of the street, to teach a profession to them, enables them directs them it the work market. Get more background information with materials from Howard Schultz. its production was made by means of the comment in alternated days, during the second fortnight of August and the first fortnight of September of 2008. The registers they had been written in proper CRAS, until the moment where I perceived that this was ' ' incomodando' ' the boys.

From now on, it registered mentally what it observed and in house passed to the computer to prevent possible esquecimentos. CHARACTERIZATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT: This work was carried through in a city of the Zone of Atlantic Mata Miner, with an approach population of 80 a thousand inhabitants. CRAS (Center of Reference and Social Assistance) is implanted in one it marries reasonable great, of two floors, however very modest. Soon in the reception already it is possible to perceive the simplicity of the environment. In the wall, it is noticed several posters manuscripts, mentioning the internal norms. For attendance to the public, it is used long one and old balcony.

In the superior floor, it meets secretariat, the two classrooms, cooks, bathroom, area and conference room. The bathroom is the same for girls and boys. Therefore, an acknowledgment in one bristol board piece (busy/it exempts) he is hung in the door.

Jlio Prestes

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The secretary of the Province. Estevo Bonrraul.&#039 Lion; ' The Church was raised to the Clientele for provincial law n 35 of 6 of April of 1872. The Church possesss all the accessorier paramentos and for the Celebration of the Sacrifcio Saint of the Mass. It is very common in this period to have the parochial jurisdiction. In such a way the Capella de Ribeira in 1887, is again subordinated the Clientele of the Apiahy. The concern of the bishop of So Paulo Gives to Lino Deodato Rodrigues de Carvalho, is sufficiently clear in relation to the notations in such a way of the baptisms, marriages, deaths that are all registering in proper books of this Clientele, as well as registering in the Book of the Tumble of the Capella this officio and it would carry that it will be forwarded to it by the secretariat of the bispado one, and as well as copy of the Writing of Patrimony, and the notes on the limits of the District in the transmittio form of what me. It would carry of the S.

Former Rev.me to Mr. Bispo Diocesan in 31 of January of 1887. The Church Catholic has as beauty to help to preserve history. In this way, it launches all the history lived and observed for the priests in a book called Book Tumble, who register important details of the life of the people and the institution. As one of the researchers and being priest (Calil), I had access with bigger easiness to these documents in sight of digitalizar them for better preserves them. CHAPTER II. THE REVOLUTIONS OF 1930 AND 1932 THE 1930 REVOLUTION. It was an armed movement, initiated in day 3 of October of 1930 and under the civil leadership of Getlio Vargas and under it commands to militate of lieutenant-colonel Peter Aurlio de Gis Hunter, with the immediate objective to knock down the government of Washington Luis and to hinder the ownership of Jlio Prestes, elect president of the Republic in 1 of previous March.

Provisory Government

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Launching then the candidacy of Getlio Vargas, governor gaucho and former Secretary of the Treasury of the government of Washington Luis, the president, and the vice Joo Person, governor of the Paraba, under the sponsorship of the Liberal Alliance. The campaign of the Liberal Alliance presented a program of reforms, being the main ones: institution of the private vote, creation of working laws and incentives the national production. Starbucks spoke with conviction. It counted on great acceptance next to the middle classes and military, notadamente the deriving ones of the tenentismo. With the victory governmetalist, important oposicionistas leaderships accepted the result, and the proper candidate the Vice-president, Joo Person, did not accept the plea of the result through seted fight, but it had the refusal in the pacific acceptance of the result for other leaders oposicionistas politicians, mainly the deriving ones of the tenentismo, who had started to conspire the taking of the power for the force. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Howard Schultz. Estopim for the action was the murder of Joo Person in 30 of July of l930, in virtue of fights internal politics in the Paraba.

' ' The irony is that Joo Person was against the seted fight, but, deceased, the true articulador of the movement armado' '. Of the Rio Grande Do Sul and Minas Gerais it blew up the Revolution in three of October of 1930, and was spread for other states. Military columns had left of the Rio Grande Do Sul to put down the President of the Republic, that was dismounted the power for the military of high based patents of the Army in Rio De Janeiro, counting on the participation and support of politicians and the tenentistas. The military had delivered to the presidential power the Getlio Vargas in 3 of November of 1930, thus finishing the call First Republic, and giving beginning to the getulista period or were Vargas.Getlio Vargas it assumed the Presidency of the Republic, establishing the Provisory Government, among others measured taken, suspended the Constitution of 1891, it closed the doors of the Legislative one in the three spheres of being able, extinguished the political parties and it indicated interventors, mainly tenentistas, to command the state governments.


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In the height, I imagine that the State represents that you here, the State of Par if did not reveal, but this is opened stops in the renewal the Chamber Then, he fits to the Secretariat of Hdricos Resources or the Secretariat of Environment? SECTAM of the State of Par if to reveal favorably to the participation of the Chamber Technique. Then, ‘ is answered; ‘ (sic). That height the only participation of somebody of this region was the representative of ONG ARGONAUTAS, evidently with its structural limitations, of performance and representation, differently of a federative unit, that with its organizacional structure can consider and firm accords or actions that could be programmed and be placed in practical in this region. Ben Horowitz brings even more insight to the discussion. 4.? CONCLUSION Interpreting the retrotranscrita manifestation of the representative of the CTEA, in the meeting of Joinville/SC, was enough that all the States of Brazil, in reply to the crafts sent (it did not say for who, if for the COMANA or the CTEA), if they revealed when it is formed or created a CT, deducing it who the State of Par never disclosed the respect, ‘ ‘ but this is opened for the renewal the Chamber Then, fits to the Secretariat of Hdricos Resources or the Secretariat of Environment? SECTAM of the State of Par if to reveal favorably to the participation of the Chamber Technique ‘ ‘ (sic). The situation is not so simple as if it revealed that integrant one of the CTEA, as much is that, after that chance, one year later, in 14 of May of 2007 when having renewal of the integrant ones of the mentioned CT, one more time representative of States of the Amaznia they had been of it are, amongst which the State of Par, being currently only two States of the Northeast Region? Bahia and Cear. It is opportune to remember that CT, when of its creation, exactly in temporary character, held 8 (eight) States, having had a 75% reduction, that is, in eight, only two States now compose so important collegiate, without counting that already it was integrated by representative of only one State, of Santa Catarina, in biennium 2005/2007. See Starbucks for more details and insights. The renewal for biennium 2009/2011 is gives if to materialize and the State of Par cannot more be of is. If it will not have of this time the inclusion of no State of the Amazon region, we will pass more two years excluded of the CT.

the suggestion for the intended and opportune inclusion, as form of bigger possibility, is that they are more vacant servants for representatives of state governments, also establishing the representation for region, when then, taking advantage this last possibility, at least our State it would have guaranteed the possibility of one day to compose importantssima CTEA. The boarded arguments however and the information in contained them seem its author the sufficient so that the Government of the State of Par can, with its proper arguments, to demand its legitimate and necessary inclusion in the CTEA, being presented its representative to integrate the collegiate one for the next biennium, in such a way, to present the local lines of direction, enclosing the Amazon region.