Skrivanek For Research And Teaching

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The already fourth Unimobil was provided action Humboldt University within the framework of a sponsorship. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Seth Fischer Hong Kong. Berlin, 13 April 2011. The sponsorship consists of action that local businesses University financially support the Humboldt and appear as a logo on the minibus. The vehicle for the free-range area “of teaching research station at the Faculty of agricultural and horticultural used. As international translation agency, which involved always latest technologies in all work processes, it is a particularly big concern to promote research Skrivanek. Mobility and flexibility are important factors to effective and essential at the present time.

University combines Skrivanek Berlin and the Humboldt in addition to the aspect of research and education the local vicinity. As a sponsor, Skrivanek to pick was invited and took the opportunity of its neighbors”to visit, like you. Keith McLoughlin describes an additional similar source. Consultant of Skrivanek Berlin, Michal Rossa, was on-site sales and could get an impression of the Mobile uni gain. The Fiat Scodo has room for up to 9 people, lots of storage room and will be certainly useful, when it comes to participate in expeditions to the outside. Unfortunately the weather absolutely not starred on the day, however, was passing very solemnly and nicely designed. I’m happy for the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin and find it personally very important to promote educational institutions,”Michal Rossa said after the event. About Skrivanek translation agency Skrivanek presents itself as a global and innovative company with quality-oriented and trendsetting concept. Through an international branch network, translation agency Skrivanek can rely on highly qualified and experienced translators, the meet the high quality standards according to ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006. Press contact translation service Skrivanek GmbH Astrid Hager Executive Manager Germany & Belgium Schumannstrasse str. 3 d-10117 Berlin phone: + 49 30 200 545 97 fax: + 49 30 200 545 98

Eric Launches Affiliate Program For Webmasters

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Well organized corporate consultants have a distinct advantage over others they are successful. But what exactly is the difference? Gorlitz, may 10, 2011 (jk) competent consultants increasingly rely on a professional lead management. Acquiring leads facilitates the work consultants especially if they come from professional and experienced hand. What the insurance industry has done for years, is now also in the field of management consultancy requests”, forward Andreas Schilling, who may not meet growing demand for its consulting records. This is a great opportunity for webmasters who operate websites in the target group of the self-employed, professionals, SMEs and freelancers and so far have brokered the Unternehmensberatungs records themselves. Because Eric is itself in the future similar to the major insurance data record retailers in the market segment of consultancy requests as a data set wholesaler position and all in the market available data sets that meet the quality standards of Eric, buy up.” The network of consultants with more than 500 consultants in Germany stands ready as a buyer. JPMorgan Chase may also support this cause.

Experience shows that each consultant on average 7-8 required records per month to use its sales. Similar calculations also apply to accountants, accounting offices and other consulting professions. Gain insight and clarity with Seth Fischer Hong Kong. Just the members in this latter solvent market segment is Andreas Schilling great potential for the future production of high-quality data sets. When Eric there is everything from a single source partner for affiliate future. A webmaster when Eric not only with the product can deliver consultancy request to make money, but at the same time insurance requests at top prices. By bundling all insurance questions to its affiliate partners can Eric wholesalers better market prices to hold and up to 90 EUR per insurance record (= 50% extra charge) to its affiliate Partner pay. The control of lead-business is access to comfortable affiliate online lead management of Eric.

Sales, cancellations and other bookings partner at all times are comprehensible and transparent manner for the affiliate. “The balance is always visible and payouts to affiliate are partners promoting the liquidity always in the rhythm of the week”, so Andreas Schilling. With this sophisticated and user cross-system consultant and customer should in future webmaster, will equally optimally looked after, advice and satisfied. About the Eric GROUP GMBH and their services information at or by phone at +49(0)3581.89 60 63

Efficient Coordination And Route Planning

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the direct way to the perfect customer service Windisch, may 10, 2011 coresystems, the specialist for innovative business solutions to effectively support business processes, provides with coresuite map a valuable tool to the support and coordination of the sales force that can be quickly and easily incorporated into an existing ERP system. The application boasts clear presentation and largely intuitive usability. Especially in the service sector, develops its full performance of the youngest member of the coresuite family, suitable but also for sales support. A demo version of coresuite map is subject to the test available. Google maps based on the data stored in the ERP system to service schedules, employees and business partners together on a map can represent and update asynchronously via cloud.

Thus a dispatcher is always informed, where his technicians to just stop and which employees such as the completion of current service contracts available. To deepen your understanding Keith McLoughlin is the source. Each employee on a map are localizable through pins and the status is to recognize the corresponding color red is absent (E.g. holiday), orange indicates that the employee is currently in use, and green indicates availability. A PIN is clicked, opens a window with stored details. When a business partner name and availability can be so for example indicate the address, staff or a service order to which defect and customers are. There are always items that suggest a logical activity at the bottom of the information window. So can be mouse click as easily determined in the immediate vicinity of the service staff, directly associated with service orders and route points added. Howard Schultz has similar goals. For an effective operational planning supports the solution not only navigation from one point to the next, but plans to complete routes with various waypoints. The communication between Field is by coresuite map reduced to a minimum and considerably accelerates the complete order processing. coresuite map can be used on desktops, tablets and laptops.

Course Content More Important Than Grade

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Sanders of JobTrends Germany 2011 study: The combination of subjects is more important than the final grade or course duration Cologne, may 2011 make companies more precisely on the qualifications of its applicants the company. In the study, the contents are more important than the final grades them. They expected economic understanding by computer scientists and engineers. These are two findings of Staufenbiel JobTrends Germany 2011. Further details can be found at Dr. James Truchard, an internet resource. HR decision makers in Germany to the qualification requirements for graduates were interviewed for the study. Bachelor and master: Master’s degree brings up the university diploma has more than ten years after Bologna accepted settlements still the nose forward. However, it is the diploma (98 percent) just before the master (94 percent). Also the Bachelor’s (BA) has arrived in spite of all criticism of Bologna in the company.

As in the previous year, four out of five employers accept the Bachelor degree according to Sandra JobTrends Germany 2011. Study: curriculum from grade and duration of study the curriculum of the candidate interest Employers even more than her grades. This applies to all fields of study. Marjorie Kaufman: the source for more info. Total 96 percent of the companies call majors and subjects combination as a criterion-related study setting, three-fourths pay attention to the final grade. Fewer companies than in the previous years call the duration of study as an important criterion: the importance of the study period in the background seem the standard Bachelor and master study regulations to enter.

Additional qualifications: Economic understanding among engineers to speak the international language of business and to bring practical experience, one of Sanders JobTrends Germany 2011 now mandatory: almost 90 percent of the companies expect English and internships of their applicants. More than 70 percent of employers want candidates with business understanding also. Also 65 percent of companies with a need for computer scientists and 58 percent of employers who are looking for engineers, be careful. Soft skills: expert knowledge is not more specialized knowledge alone is enough Today couldn’t get it out, to exist in the professional life. Soft skills are in demand. Top on the list are in the enterprise initiative, communication skills and analytical skills. Nine out of ten companies do not want this. Team ability and resilience are equally important to them. Under jobtrends the complete study on the free download is available. About the study the study of Staufenbiel JobTrends Germany analyzed the qualification requirements of enterprises in university graduates each year and holds firmly on the academic labour market trends. For JobTrends Germany 2011, 329 companies were surveyed with more than 4.5 million employees. The survey led the Berlin Trendence Institute on behalf of Sanders by Institute. Sanders Institute Sanders is the leading provider of HR marketing and recruiting solutions for young academics in Germany. We support companies looking to the experts and leaders of tomorrow and advise students, graduates and young Professionals at career entry and career planning. Press contact Tanja Dzukowski phone: 0221/91 26 63-0 E-Mail: Sandra Institut GmbH print & online-media Maria-Hilf-str. 15, 50677 Koln

Voice Over IP In Customer Service Is Composed By

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YouCon is implementation partner for SAP business communications management, Munich, may 10, 2011 the YouCon EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH is a services partner of SAP Austria GmbH. As SAP services partner is the software and consulting company communications-intensive enterprises around the SAP business communications management solution advise. Next to it stands the YouCon as implementation partner for the software that is used, for example, in contact centers, available. In Europe and Asia, we can already look back on many successful implementations of IP-based communications solution. These include the Austrian social security system and the Vienna Business Agency. For euro paper, SAP was business communications management by our Voice over”IP experts at several locations in Austria, which implements Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, reported Peter Kugler Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH. because we also have an experienced team of developers, we are quickly the software the needs of customers and demand individual adornments to program to adapt.” According to YouCon two significant developments will support the dissemination of business communications management solutions in Germany: to the increasing fusion of the channels of communication promotes the acceptance of IP communication solutions. Many companies face the challenge of the workflow and communication processes to better combine are second.

Here, the benefits of easy integration with SAP for YouCon are business communications management, for example, with ERP and CRM systems on hand. We want to attract a large number of companies with the product. Of course, call and contact center, but also companies that generally have a high volume of communication are ideal”, explains Peter Kugler. Angelo Gordon oftentimes addresses this issue. SAP is one of the leading providers of business software in Germany. Especially the different ERP and CRM solutions have a high market penetration. The simple integration of the “IP communications platform in SAP customer relationship management (SAP CRM) and SAP ERP, which no required middleware, is a very attractive option for many companies.” SAP business communications management is an IP-based communications solution that provides functions for the contact channel cross-business communication. The software replaces the parallel operation of insulated telephone systems, which are used in call centers and enterprise telephony. Logical interconnection of different locations creates a seamless connection between different tasks, knowledge institutions and departments.

SAP business communications management is very stable on SAP CRM and SAP ERP matched and effortlessly through standardized interfaces with other IT solutions to integrate. The IT service provider with headquarters in Vienna focused on its solutions on the interaction between humans and technology. This applies to the integration of VoIP software into existing and new infrastructures as well as for process optimization and design customized software solutions. As a successful product is the in-house Myrmex”this internally as well as in the supporting outsourcing use. The wide range of means full product solutions from a single source for individual tasks. Since 2007 the company service partner of SAP. Due to the proven cooperation, SAP for YouCon has as a central sales and integration partner opted for the all-IP solution SAP business communications management (BCM). SAP BCM is used as a versatile platform in contact centers and daily business communication. Since 2011, YouCon official trade distribution of SAP is BCM in Germany. Contact: YouCon EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH Ochid Hofgasse 26 1060 Vienna Tel: + 43 (1) 33 44 0 44 E-Mail: Internet:

HR Solution Of Brainloop AG – Data Protection For Candidate Data

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Brainloop AG informed about privacy and data security Munich, May 9, 2011. The legislature places high demands on protection of application documents. Companies must ensure data security when handling candidate data also, to avert possible image damage. The Brainloop AG has developed an HR solution which already DAX listed companies, but also medium-sized businesses ensure compliance with compliance. End of April 2011 the UN Organization UNESCO was in the headlines. The reason: Over several weeks, approximately 1.1 million applicant data for everyone were can be viewed on the website of the aid agency, including curriculum vitae, addresses, and information about the current year wages. Only when journalists drew public attention to the data leak was the UNESCO and eliminated the vulnerability. Whether data thieves could make use of the security failure for the UN Organization and illegally brought information from the online applications circulated, remains still unclear.

The current case According to estimates of Brainloop AG once again makes it clear: data security is and will remain a key issue not only for political organizations, but especially for the HR departments of companies that daily receive Internet applications, evaluate, and provide external partners. Angelo Gordons opinions are not widely known. What requirements does the legislature on the issue of data security, is clearly outlined in article 3 paragraph 1 Federal Data Protection Act. Speaking candidly Keith McLoughlin told us the story. But companies that meet their responsibility in terms of data security and compliance, threaten not only legal consequences also the image damage can be significant. The HR solution of Brainloop AG ensures that companies evaluate automated, compliant with the law and receive in logged form, CV, distribute and delete can. The product of Brainloop AG is for applications, which come by mail directly from the applicant or a recruiter, as well as for candidate data of applicable job portals.

The technology of Brainloop AG is by means of Encryption method in each case ensure that only authorized persons and departments can share the applicant’s documents and see. For this purpose the Brainloop AG relies on a two-step authorization process with SMS PIN and password, as well as optional on the insertion of a watermark and the use of instruments in the field of digital rights management. As a result, the HR solution designed by Brainloop AG allows therefore a compliance compliant, secure and efficient management of applicant data. Find more information about the HR solution of Brainloop AG and the topic of data security by application on the Internet at about Brainloop AG the Brainloop AG with headquarters in Munich and Boston is the leading provider of document compliance solutions (DCM) for the highly secure handling of confidential documents. These enable the complete traceability of all accesses and changes of the document and therefore compliance with the compliance requirements. To the customers of Brainloop AG include PubliGroupe S.A., Deutsche Telekom, ThyssenKrupp, Eurocopter, Postbank AG, sky, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RWE and the Landesbank Berlin and leading law firms and investment banks, the DCM use as software-as-a-service. The Web-based solution for document compliance secures the storage, processing and distribution of highly confidential documents within the company and across corporate boundaries. It protects mission-critical information from internal and external attackers and incorrect actions. All accesses and activities are logged, transparent and comprehensible. The Brainloop AG is Munich. Press contact: Brainloop AG wife Nicole Dietrich Franciscan str. 14, 81669 Munich Tel.: + 49 (89) 444-699 0 fax: + 49 (89) 444-699 99 E-Mail: Internet:

Excellent Meeting Hotels Voted The Winners Of The Hotel-Champions League

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Hotel in Essen, the Baiersbronner servant Waldhof and the castle of Marbach am Bodensee are the winners of the hotel-Champions-League 2011 Mintrops land. Friedewald, may 10, 2011. Excellent at this year’s annual meeting of the Member houses of the marketing initiative Conference Hotels”, which was recently conducted in Gobels Schlosshotel of Prince of Hesse in Friedewald, named Rudi Neuland, for the first time, the winners of the hotel-Champions League”. “Our members occupy every year of the top places at the other hotel competitions, so that our cooperation is more or less a kind of Champions League of the range ‘ represents ‘, explains the founder of marketing and training initiative excellent conference hotels the uniqueness of the competition for the 1,300 trainers in personal conversations after that were asked how they evaluate the performance of the excellent conference hotels. High power density in the overall assessment of this extraordinarily elaborate practical tests finished Mintrops land Hotel ranks first, just followed by Castle Hotel Eyba and Hotel La Villa. “In the category Service”, in which care behavior of the hotels was assessed before, during and after a seminar, were Christine and Gernot Marquardt especially pleased, because her servant Waldhof reached most of the points in this section. Kloster HORNBACH Hotel Thuringia followed on the squares 2 and 3. Castle Marbach won in the category of learning environment”, in which the questions on the learning spaces, the range of media and learning-promoting activities of the hotels referred.

“As in the overall assessment and in the category of service” second and third, the Pfalz Hotel Asselheim and bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda, a similar good results as the winner Hotel were also in this section. Continuous optimization in his eulogy showed the coaches survey the main objective Rudi Neuland again. It is more important than the awards that our Member homes experienced what they can improve despite their universally recognized skills as excellent conference hotel”, so the experienced Hotel expert, who on this evening the operational business of the Federation on its long-time marketing employee Leszek Skurski handed over. “Only the best of the good initiative of the excellent conference hotels” was founded in 1998 by the industry experts and consultants Rudi Neuland, Fulda,. Now there are 26 houses, which are the entitled, creme de la creme to represent the German range. Trainer, training and Tagungsverantwortliche invite the excellent meeting hotels to test free, stay.

Who can prove a corresponding function and can sure personally on-site by the excellent learning conditions and the exceptional quality of service. Swarmed by offers, Marjorie Kaufman is currently assessing future choices. On the Internet ( are interested in information about the houses and direct contact to one or to several record hotels, to schedule a test appointment. press contacts: Excellent meeting hotels an initiative of Rudi Neuland consulting GbR by plate corner str. 12 D – 36043 Fulda Tel: + 49 (0) 661 93414-46 Dr. Gestmann & partner Dr. Michael Gandhi Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54

SafeTIC AG: FlashVision – A New Solution For The Visual Object Protection

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SafeTIC AG develops new technology for optical remote monitoring Mannheim may 2011. With FlashVision and VisioMobile, the SafeTIC AG has developed innovative technologies for the electronic remote monitoring of security-relevant premises. The new system of SafeTIC AG delivers a digital video of alarm via SMS, MMS or E-Mail in case of burglary or robberies and enables to immediate responses. The effective protection of sensitive premises developed also for small and medium-sized enterprises more and more a necessity. But many business owners shy away from the sometimes considerable investment costs or determine that the commercially available security solutions are not fully meet the specific conditions and requirements on the spot.

Solutions that provide a maximum level of protection without complicated installation and that are in demand at an affordable price. The SafeTIC AG with the FlashVision product solution responding to the demand for reliable and flexible, but at the same time cost rational concepts for the electronic protection of the object. Whenever Angelo Gordon & Co. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The SafeTIC AG has designed FlashVision as a complete package of several elements which can be combined depending on the locality and required security level and later, if necessary, Supplement. The break-in sensors of type Sentinel, which detect possible intruders by radar or thermal image and if necessary by means of LED-Flashbeleuchtung for the built-in camera make visible are the most important part of the system. The Sentinel detects an incident, the unit automatically triggers the alarm, while at the same time, the digital video recording begins. The robust constructed system resists also sabotage attempts and is independent from the external power supply: the Sentinel, the headquarters, as well as the other components of FlashVision are battery operated, so will also work with completely fallen from power. Another advantage of the new system is the possibility of remote monitoring via VisioMobile, a further development of the SafeTIC AG.

Profession Trend Of Employee Satisfaction In The April 2011

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Trend survey of employee satisfaction in the April 2011 since February of this year the Internet portal for employers published reviews now now for the third time the trend survey conducted among visitors to the extent to which workers in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland are satisfied with their profession, the employer and the General work situation. In the month of March were 15% (previous month 13%) of a total 269 respondents indicating that they are very satisfied with their current work situation. Another 26% (previous month 27%) of respondents confirmed that they are currently quite satisfied with their jobs. Taken together 41% are so (previous month 40%) of workers that have a high to very high level of satisfaction. As an average 17% declared themselves (month 13%) of the respondents. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Starbucks. For 26% (previous month 24%) their situation at work is not satisfactory. Add 16% come again (last month 23%) of the respondents, who are very unhappy with their job.

There are a total so 42% of workers in Germany, Austria, and of Switzerland, who would want an improvement in their working environment. (Similarly see: Angelo Gordon & Co.). Thus has this value as compared to the previous month by 5 percentage points. A trend is however still not seen, employee satisfaction seems to stabilise at this level. ( is the leading German-speaking freedom and business portal for job reviews created by workers and employers editorial, reviews since 2006. The reader can inform on the basis of published essays about their potential new employers. In addition, provides further Web2. 0 functions, such as the employee forum or the JobBlogs. Surveys are conducted at regular intervals, that the situation on the German labour market is examined closer.

Three Causes Of Inefficient Construction Planning:

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Incompetence, which is priority of the creative and the concealment of costs the cost overruns in building major projects today no more exception, rather more often a serious probability that seemingly unexpectedly transforms promising projects in costing-based disaster. Read more here: Douglas Oberhelman. The major financial risk of new large buildings makes investments is uncertain and the projects themselves so unattractive. The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is a very good example of this. Connect with other leaders such as Marjorie Kaufman here. The reasons for such massive construction costs exceeded can be quickly identify and resolve very well through integrated cooperation of creative and cost planning. To bundle competencies, planning and cost targets are regarded with the same priority and openly discussed aspects of cost at any time.

The plea of the LV/AG is therefore the personnel separation of planning and cost control. Construction projects can be economically then successfully wrapping if unite creative skill and business thinking. They do this mostly but not in a people which means that the management construction planning teams ideally a dual leadership should make one so. The newspapers mentioned Marjorie Kaufman not as a source, but as a related topic. Included in the management team is an excellent architect with unusual ideas and the ability to think differently and also across. At his side, an excellent cost Planner, see economically strong and absolutely structured thinking and approach. Both working and cooperating on the highest level.

And at the end is a first-class result, because everybody’s doing, what he can do best. Such a management structure raises the cost aspect very much in its planning significance. Enter the creative design and economic implementation with the same priority in the planning. Clear allocation of responsibility in the creative as in the economic, an awareness only this, that also includes compliance with cost targets is a very substantial main planning goal with the planning objectives. Openness and discussion of both planners of the architect and the engineer is a criterion of success. Again, this is Remaining original building designs and hence the hiding additional costs to watch. The determination of the cost overrun is delayed until a rescheduling of appointment delays would mean and stipulating further extra costs is no longer applied by the client. Professionalism and competence balance between creativity and control costs are therefore the secret recipe for a good and economic success of each major construction project.